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February 2018

About The Bay - February 2018
We had a recent kidney stone episode, which is not an uncommon occurrence here on board the Dancing Dragon. Poor old Captain Sweetie has been plagued by these unwelcome and painful intruders ever since I have known him, which is 40 years or more.     Read more.

Delta Rat Scrapbook - February 2018
The Delta was alive with the Christmas and Holiday spirit this year. I saw Santa almost everywhere I went. Village West Marina held a spectacular boat show on Friday night December 1st.     Read more.

Down The Rode - February 2018
25 - 28 · San Diego Sunroad Boat Show, Sunroad Resort Marina on Harbor Island, San Diego. Over 100 new and pre-cruised sailboats and powerboats will be on display in the water.     Read more.

Front Rudder - February 2018
The Volvo Ocean Race (VOR) has always been a testament to endurance, adventure and stamina. Now it has become a much-needed platform for global environmental awareness and climate change as sailors on seven teams tackle the (almost) 7 seas in an around the world race.     Read more.

Lessons Learned - February 2018
A few months back I had to the opportunity to visit the new and improved Owl Harbor Marina and chat with the owners Casey and Devery Stockon. It had been several years since I had actually taken the time to drive down the levee past the rows of sheds to the office and check in with the happenings.     Read more.

Letters from You - February 2018
The boats you pictured in your November 2017 “Lessons Learned” article at Herman and Helen’s aren’t rotting away there. The blue hulled army tug left a year ago, both black hulled ships are kept in good order (the tug moved to Half moon bay 6 months ago) and the Aurora is constantly being restored.     Read more.

New Products - February 2018
Musical tastes may vary, but everyone appreciates pure, accurate sound, no matter the desired volume. That’s why the Infinity by Harman® Kappa 4100MSB Amplified Marine Soundbar from Prospec Electronics is so perfect for an active lifestyle.     Read more.

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