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August 2017

About The Bay - August 2017
This is one time I am glad the boat is broken! 57-knot winds reported at the airport yesterday. We are only a short hop away from SFO so I'm thinking we must have enjoyed that same balmy breeze, I wouldn't know - I was too busy trying to hold my hair onto my head.     Read more.

Delta Rat Scrapbook - August 2017
Jill Faso, one of the most attractive and nicest ladies of the Delta joined Joseph Antonini in Holy Matrimony on a recent pleasant summer afternoon. A reported 470 guests attended the affair at the Faso estate at the confluence of the San Joaquin and Calaveras Rivers in Stockton.     Read more.

Down The Rode - August 2017
Friday & Saturday • Sunset Cruises, Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry. View the Bay & the SF skyline. Wine, soda & a variety of snacks for purchase onboard. Fri - Sat evening cruises continue through mid-Oct. Adults and seniors: $20, Children 6-12: $10. For information regarding times of departure or to make reservations call 415/435.2131.     Read more.

Lessons Learned - August 2017
Bright and early Monday morning I get a call from a friend and client, I will call him Vern to protect his identity, asking me to take a trip to the boatyard to have a look at his trawler. Concerned, I ask what the problem is and he tells me that he had an allision with a fixed object causing damage to the port side.     Read more.

Letters from You - August 2017
My name is Mike Dalton? My father Jack bought large parcels of Orwood Tract and other tracts in 1944, and grew asparagus there from 1944 till 1965. My family lived in Brentwood on Eureka Avenue? So I lived a Tom Sawyer life out there in the ag world from age 2 until age 10 when we moved to Berkeley but kept farming.     Read more.

New Products - August 2017
With a bold, clean design and easy installation, the Tecma Flexi Line 2G range of macerator marine toilets from Thetford Marine is the choice for boat owners looking to replace or upgrade current equipment.     Read more.

Front Rudder - August 2017
If the atmosphere surrounding the 2013 America's Cup finals in San Francisco reminded everyone of "Hotel California" where you can visit, but never leave, then the 2017 version of the event in Bermuda is like being in the "Nexus," the extra-dimensional realm in Star Trek where time has no meaning and once inside you can experience a nirvana like tranquility.     Read more.

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