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May 2018

About The Bay - May 2018
Captain Sweetie, bless his pea-picking little heart, decided he wanted to make lasagna. When we married almost 40 years ago he cooked three things; hash brown potatoes, grilled cheese sandwiches and lasagna. His repertoire has not expanded at all over the years. He does not cook often so when he brought home all the makings for one of his signature dishes I was surprised.     Read more.

Down The Rode - May 2018
28 - 29 ? 119th Annual Vallejo Race, (Moved To April) Vallejo Yacht Club hosts the 119th running of the Vallejo Race, kicking off another Yacht Racing Association (YRA) season of racing on the Bay for 2018. For more info contact the Vallejo Yacht Club at 707/643.1254 or the YRA at 451/771.9500 or visit     Read more.

Front Rudder - May 2018
We will never know the thoughts and feelings that John Fisher had when he went overboard in the middle of the Southern Ocean during a ferocious storm with gale-force winds and seas. It is reported that he was perhaps unconscious.     Read more.

Lessons Learned - May 2018
In the January, 2018, issue of the Bay & Delta Yachtsman I ran a ten question quiz on USCG Navigation Rules. This issue is available online at All the previous quiz questions were selected based on the Inland Navigation Rules most yachtsmen will use virtually every day on the water and should be familiar.     Read more.

New Products - May 2018
If for no other reason than what might happen if the primary is lost, keeping a secondary anchor on board is a sign of proper seamanship. Storage, however, can become a problem. A lot of damage can be done if it accidentally bumps into gelcoat.     Read more.

Delta Rat Scrapbook - May 2018
The Stockton Yacht Club held their spring cleanup swap meet in early March. I love these gatherings, a good chance to pick up some junk and sell some valuable antique items. I took some rare Delta books and managed to unload a couple on Dave Breninger.     Read more.

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