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June 2018

About The Bay - June 2018
Low and behold, the skies cleared and it was summer! Now that I’m long of tooth with many summers in my wake, I realize how precious and fleeting they are, these glorious summer days.     Read more.

Front Rudder - June 2018
The last couple of weeks have been all things Long Beach, and that’s okay. All these years I have been going down to attend or cover the Long Beach IndyCar Grand Prix (LBGP). It is usually followed up by the Congressional Cup on the next weekend, which is hosted by the Long Beach Yacht Club.     Read more.

Lessons Learned - June 2018
A short time back several of us had just returned to the marina late in the afternoon after a day outing and were getting our boats secured and set for shore side operation. The intent was port and cigar hour would start as soon as we were all secured and hooked back to shore power.     Read more.

Letters from You - June 2018
My name is Aletia Sexton. I am a member of the Marin Yacht Club. Captain Kim and Sweetie have many fans here. Our club would like to invite you and Sweetie to one of our events. We would love to show both of you around our 23 acre island. We know you are very busy but maybe you can make time to visit us soon.     Read more.

New Products - June 2018
With limited receptacles onboard, charging handheld devices like tablets and smartphones can be a challenge, especially when it requires unplugging onboard equipment to accommodate them. Hubbell Marine USB Charging Receptacles eliminate the need for adapter plugs, while maintaining traditional duplex electrical outlets.     Read more.

Delta Rat Scrapbook - June 2018
Twenty or so boats participated in the Stockton Yacht Club Opening Day Parade. The weather had been iffy for a few days and the morning of the parade it was cloudy but by the afternoon when the parade started it had turned into a beautiful day.     Read more.

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