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July 2018

About The Bay - July 2018
Thank goodness we are on the waiting list for the techs at Fathom Marine to make a service call. The last time we took the boat out it came back smelling strongly of coolant. It is not only your eyes and ears, but all of your 5 senses that should be utilized when troubleshooting issues on your vessel.     Read more.

Delta Rat Scrapbook - July 2018
The long anticipated grand opening and ribbon cutting for this great restaurant took place on Friday, May 10th. A crowd assembled for the occasion including the Lodi Chamber and Delta Chambers.     Read more.

Front Rudder - July 2018
To anyone familiar with Newport, Rhode Island regatta get-togethers on Narragansett Bay it can seem like a bit of a crazed affair. Remember the scene in the movie Jaws when hundreds of boats are leaving the harbor at the same time and everyone is yelling and screaming at each other to get out of the way?     Read more.

Lessons Learned - July 2018
El Faro departed Jacksonville, FL. the morning of September 29, 2015 bound for Puerto Rico with 391 shipping containers and 294 cars. The El Faro made this trip weekly and if she was delayed the store shelves in Puerto Rico would be bare and the local economy would suffer.     Read more.

New Products - July 2018
Waiting for ballast tanks on a wake surfing boat to fill can be frustrating. Albin Pump Marine’s reversible F4 Ballast Pump is the ideal choice for watersport OEMs and DIYers. It provides a massive 12 gpm of flow to get surfers and skimmers on the water faster and has a price point that is hard to beat.     Read more.

Letters from You - July 2018
In the spirit of your latest issue, here is a picture of our recent April trip to the Mediterranean.   After a beautiful boat ride to Amalfi, we posed in front of Mt. Vesuvius with our Bay and Delta Yachtsman. .     Read more.

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