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New Products

1st Mate Is Ready To Assist For Boater-Overboard Scenarios

Mercury Marine today announced full compatibility of all Mercury SmartCraft-capable engines with the new 1st Mate Safety and Security System.

This technology comprises an intelligent hub, a set of wearable products and a mobile-device app that integrate with a boat’s propulsion systems to provide potentially lifesaving safety features and to help secure property. Its three main features are: 1) a boater-overboard monitoring and alert system, 2) distress-messaging capability, and 3) deterrence against theft of the boat and/or its engine(s).

The 1st Mate mobile app is available now in the Apple Store for iOS® devices, with a version for Android™ devices coming soon.

Mercury SmartCraft-capable engines are the first to be compatible with this innovative new product.

The three main features of this product work in the following ways:

Boater-overboard monitoring and warning system

This system uses wearable fobs to protect a boat’s captain and up to seven passengers.

These wearables connect to a mobile device and ensure that, if the captain falls overboard, the engine(s) will stop, an alarm will sound and alerts providing instructions to the passengers will be sent via the 1st Mate mobile app, thanks to direct integration with the vessel’s propulsion system.

Similarly, if a passenger falls overboard, the app will sound an alarm, send alerts, and provide the captain with the overboard passenger’s GPS location.

Distress messaging

If a boat captain (driver wearing the captain’s fob) falls overboard and can’t get back onboard, or passengers can’t return the boat to the captain, 1st Mate can send a distress message to emergency contacts designated on the captain’s mobile app.

Theft deterrence

This feature locks a boat’s engine(s) to prevent unauthorized use. Once the boat captain is ready to get back behind the wheel, the engine(s) can easily be unlocked via the proximity of the captain’s wearable or by use of the 1st Mate mobile app.

More information is available at

Breeze By Webasto 2.0 Is Smaller And More Powerful

On a hot, humid day, even the wind generated from running at wide-open throttle can feel warm. At idle speed or anchor, the heat on the water can be unbearable. Breeze by Webasto 2.0 is the revolutionary air conditioning system for open cockpit boats, blasting up to 30,000 BTU/h of refreshingly cold air, plus, when autumn comes and the weather changes, it’ll generate heat with the flip of a switch.

Smaller and lighter than the original, Breeze by Webasto 2.0 runs on 12V DC but doesn’t require a generator. It uses an engine-mounted and belt-driven compressor. The condenser and pump are easily installed in the engine compartment, and the compact evaporators are placed where access is available, such as inside the console or dash, or under gunwales.

Breeze by Webasto 2.0 works similar to an automotive air conditioner, but instead of using air to cool the condenser, it uses fresh or seawater like most traditional marine air conditioners.

Webasto Thermo & Comfort
North America, Inc.
15083 North Rd.,
Fenton, MI 48430.

4ocean, Seasucker And Boaters Band Together

Waterways around the world are increasingly becoming choked with plastic trash. To stem the tide of this environmental crisis, SeaSucker’s partnership with 4ocean offers boaters a unique product that stores the trash they create and find.

Made in the USA from 50% recycled content by weight, the large SeaSucker Waste Band mounts to any smooth, non-porous surface with its two integrated 4.5-inch vacuum mounts. Far superior to a mere suction cup, each holds an astounding 120 lbs. so users can pile in the trash.

Built for a marine environment, the Blue Collection Waste Band is UV-stabilized and uses only stainless steel hardware. Its distinctive bright blue trim matches the 30-inch L x 18-inch W 4ocean Cleanup Tote. Made from 100% recycled plastic, the tote has built-in handles for combing the beach for trash or carrying waste for proper disposal.

Like all SeaSucker accessories, it doesn’t require drilling, leaves no mark and can be moved where it’s needed – even onto the side of the hull. 4ocean is a purpose-driven company whose mission is to end the ocean plastic crisis. Its website is

Captains for Clean Water is a nonprofit that works to restore the natural, unpolluted flow of rivers into the Everglades drainage basin. Its website is www.captains

The SeaSucker Blue Collection Waste Band 4ocean Edition with Cleanup Tote costs $149, with 15% going to Captains for Clean Water. The tote is also available separately for $15.

Contact SeaSucker, LLC,
1912 44th Ave E.,
Bradenton, FL 34203.