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Delta Rat Scrapbook
Delta Rat Scrapbook
gives you the inside scoop of the Sacramento Delta

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Lessons Learned
talks about the boating scene of the San Francisco Bay

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What I Saw
On The Bay
covers sailing and boating on the San Francisco Bay Area

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New Products
showcases the latest marine products

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Letters From You
let our writers and our readers hear from you

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Northern California events calendar

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Delta On-The-Water Dining Guide

Where to eat
by boat.
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Daniel Witte

Bill Wells
Delta Rat Scrapbook

Pat Carson
Lessons Learned

Jackie Philpott
What I Saw On The Bay 

Ty Mellot

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Don Abbott

Ty Mellot
& Advertising Sales

JP Salla
Advertising Coordinator
& Office Manager

Terry Goble
Art Director

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About Us

Bay & Delta Yachtsman’s humble beginnings date back to over 55 years ago
when a Delta boating couple created a newsletter for other boaters, which evolved into today's magazine that covers the waterways of Northern California.

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Latest Posts

Delta Rat Scrapbook – by Bill Wells

Opening Day, Stockton Yacht Club Jill Stevenson and Colleen Waterhouse did an outstanding job planning and executing the weekend events. Of course, they had a lot of enthusiastic volunteers helping, but they were the...

Lessons Learned – by Pat Carson

Is It Right Or Is It Wrong 14 It is June, it is summer and it finally appears that the pandemic is nearly past us. I thought it would be a good time to...

What I Saw – by Jackie Philpott

Berkeley Marine Center Nobody wants to give up their boat to the boat yard. But sometimes we don’t have a choice, do we? Sometimes it’s the only way we’ll get a more beautiful, well...

From Way Back – by Ty Mellott

I n regards to the photos shown in the May ’22 issue, it appears I may have stumped many of you. Here is a little hint; during the time this was taken, there were several...

New Products – By Terry Goble

Forget Drying With A Towel, There’s A Better Solution After washing a boat, it’s important to dry it before unsightly water spots develop. Old towels and chamois cloths are a traditional method, but they’re...


Letters – by Our Readers

Jackie, Great to see you between the pages of BDY. We found your book to be a great read, full of facts and humor. If you recall my husband and I were at B&W and...

Calendar - Down The Rode

Down The Rode – by Ty Mellott

BAY & BEYOND MAY 19 • Thursday Cruise on the USS Potomac of the San Francisco Bay, 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. from Oakland’s Jack London Square. $75 per person. Join the crew of the Presidential...