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Delta Rat Scrapbook
Delta Rat Scrapbook
gives you the inside scoop of the Sacramento Delta

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Lessons Learned
talks about the boating scene of the San Francisco Bay

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Out & About
covers sailing and boating in the Bay Area and into the Delta

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New Products
showcases the latest marine products

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Letters From You
let our writers and our readers hear from you

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Northern California events calendar

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About Bay & Delta Yachtsman

Our Writers

Daniel Witte

Bill Wells
Delta Rat Scrapbook

Pat Carson
Lessons Learned

Jillian Humphreys
Out & About the Bay

Ty Mellot

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Our Staff

Don Abbott

Ty Mellot
& Advertising Sales

JP Salla
Advertising Coordinator
& Office Manager

Terry Goble
Art Director

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About Us

Bay & Delta Yachtsman’s humble beginnings date back to over 55 years ago
when a Delta boating couple created a newsletter for other boaters, which evolved into today’s magazine that covers the waterways of Northern California.

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Latest Posts

Delta Rat Scrapbook – by Bill Wells

Classics At The Corinthian The Corinthian Yacht Club (CYC) and Corinthian Women (the decades old club within CYC dedicated to the support of children’s programs) teamed up with the Northern California Fleet of the Classic...

Lessons Learned – by Pat Carson

There Is An App For That – Part Deux In the November issue of the Bay and Delta Yachtsman I shared seven of my favorite apps that I regularly use. From finding the tide and current...

New Products – By Terry Goble

Rain Shield Protexts Interiors, Keeps Boats Smelling Fresh Whether it’s following a summer heat spell or a long winter’s storage, opening a closed-up boat can be an overwhelming olfactory experience. Port rain shields by...

Calendar - Down The Rode

Down The Rode – by Ty Mellott

BAY & BEYOND Check often with your favorite local Bay establishments for updated information as often as possible. New restrictions are impacting several events and activities. We all look forward to getting out and...