About Bay & Delta Yachtsman

Bay & Delta Yachtsman’s humble beginnings date back to over 45 years ago when a Delta boating couple created a newsletter with information for other boaters in the area – a breezy little publication in which boaters could share ideas and find out what was happening around the waterways of Northern California.

It took off like a speedboat, quickly evolving into a large-format magazine printed on newsprint. Later it was graced with a four-color cover, and still later this cover was printed on glossy stock. Yes, this was a boating magazine that looked right at home on the coffee table of any posh yacht or comfortable houseboat.

The evolution continued. Today Bay & Delta Yachtsman is printed on fine glossy stock. Thanks to the very latest in computers, digital photos, and other production equipment, Yachtsman is able to go to the printer on very tight deadlines that allow us to very often provide readers with late-breaking news. If it’s happening in Northern California boating, you can be sure you’ll read about it in Yachtsman.

Because our writers and editors live and breathe the Northern California boating scene – and have been doing so for more than a couple of years – you can expect them to put their knowledgeable spin on the news. You not only get the news, but you also learn how it will affect you.

Our writers try to handle news with a lighthearted touch when possible. Although boating is their way of life, they can see the humor in it. This good humor is reflected in the sensibility of the Bay & Delta Yachtsman reader.

Our readers are a progressive bunch; they know what they want, and they are not afraid to tell us. As far as they are concerned, Bay & Delta Yachtsman is their magazine, their voice of boating. They communicate with us by telephone, via the fax machine, Uncle Sam’s mail system, and by e-Mail. Our Letters to the Editor section is growing, and it reflects easy give and take between our readers and writers.

We will continue to strive mightily to maintain that friendly feeling of a close-knit boating community, while at the same time committing ourselves to change and grow. Our readers expect a lot from us, and we plan to continue to deliver it to them. They are the best, and they deserve the best. Now you can watch us grow on the web, or better yet, climb aboard and grow right along with us.