New Products – By Terry Goble

New Products

Vacuum Sealer Goes Anywhere

Vacuum sealing freshly caught fish and harvested wild game as soon as they’re taken ensures their flavors stay fresh, natural and delicious. Whether in a remote campsite, on a boat or around the home, the ROAM 18-V Battery-Operated Vacuum Sealer from PacBak is the perfect solution for preserving food. Compact and lightweight, it’s easy to transport and slips conveniently into the PacBak Byway Backpack or P88-MK Cooler.

Alaskan-engineered, the ROAM 18-V has a removable and replaceable battery that can be recharged internally or outside the vacuum sealer. An indicator light on the device displays the current power level.

With a single charge, the ROAM 18-V vacuum seals over 50 PacBak or other generic bags. It accommodates both precut types up to 11.5-inches W and rolled versions up to 10-inches W. PacBak’s premium clear, food-grade 8-inch W and 10-inch W bags come in 25-foot rolls and are ideal for cutting to size. The ROAM 18-V is also compatible with vacuum seal canisters.

The ROAM 18-V can be set to dry, moist or canister mode for optimal meat preservation. It has a seal-only option for making custom bags or double sealing. For delicate foods such as trout and other fine fish, fruits, berries and vegetables, the device has a manual pulse option.

The PacBak ROAM 18-V Battery-Operated Vacuum Sealer measures only 16-inches W x 10.5-inches D x 6.5-inches H and weighs just 3 lbs. 15 oz. It has a retail cost of $249.


Soapy Hands And Lots Of Bottles? Seasucker’s There

Whether onboard or ashore, showering requires toiletries. Having these personal items readily at hand and off the floor makes bathing easier. The innovative tote has plenty of space for bath essentials and mounts in seconds to any non-porous surface.

The Shower Caddy has a unique handle that unsnaps. This allows it to be moved from the top for toting to the bottom for use as a towel bar. The 9.8-inch L x 4.1-inch W shelves are slotted for fast drainage and have a slight lip to keep bottles and soaps in place. Integrated side hooks are perfect for hanging loofas. With an overall height of 13.4 inches, the caddy can be taken apart if storage is at a premium.

Manufactured from UV-stable HDPE polymer with stainless steel hardware, the Shower Caddy is built to last. It has an integrated 4.5-inch SeaSucker Vacuum Mount that holds 120 lbs. and mounts virtually anywhere. And when the shower’s over, it removes in seconds without leaving a mark. Available in black or white to match any décor, the SeaSucker Shower Caddy costs $99.

SeaSucker, LLC
1912 44th Ave. E, Bradenton, FL 34203

Ice Pick Has Many Applications

Whether splitting ice or marking the exact location of a drill hole, Shipmate Stainless Steel Pick/Probes from Beckson Marine are a tool no boat owner should be without. With a low price and available gift box, they make a thoughtful holiday present.

Whether it’s the 4-inch stainless steel blade on the 7-inch L Shipmate Pick or the 2.5-inch on the 5.5-inch Shorty version, the tool doesn’t flex under normal use. This makes it both highly accurate, especially when scribing a line, and safe, as it won’t slip unexpectedly such as when using it as a makeshift knife. Extremely sharp, it’s perfect for detailed work such as removing caulk or making a pilot hole.

Blue on the 7-inch model and black on the Shorty, the marine plastic handle is unbreakable and sized for a sure grip. Faceted, it won’t roll off decks or countertops. Shipmate Picks are compact to easily fit into small toolboxes. With the Mounting Clip, it can be placed where it’s ready at a moment’s notice.

Beckson Marine’s 7-inch IP-01BL Shipmate Stainless Steel Pick/Probe with sheath has an MSRP of $48.65. The IPSO1BL 7-inch Gift Set with the sheath, Mounting Clip and two screws lists at $57.60. The 5.5-inch Shorty model IP-02BL with sheath is $47.40. Custom colors and logos can be quoted upon request.

Beckson Marine
165 Holland Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605

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