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New Products

Space-Saving Hardware Holds Line And Rod

When it comes to adding hardware, gunwales can fill up fast. The Cleat/Rod Holder Combo offered by Accon Marine combines the practicality of a pull-up cleat with a dedicated fishing rod holder in a small footprint. Plus, the almost-flush mounting won’t detract from the boat’s clean lines.

The 9814 Accon Cleat/Rod Holder Combo is manufactured from polished marine-grade 316 stainless steel for maximum durability and corrosion resistance. It accommodates up to 0.5-inch line and 0.7-inch rod butts. Available with a choice of a 0°, 15° or 30° rod offset angle, the hardware measures a compact 7.57-inches L x 3.74-inches W x 8.38-inches D.

Using the innovative Cleat/Rod Holder Combo is easy. When the cleat is needed, it’s simply pulled up from the base where it can secure up to a 9,700 lb. load. Afterwards, it’s retracted back into the base, ready to hold a rod.

An installation video is at The 9814 Cleat/Rod Holder Combo from Accon Marine has an MSRP of $115.59.

Accon Marine,
13665 Automobile Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33762

Keep Rain Out, Let Sunshine And Fresh Air In

Opening port lights are great for filling a cabin with sunshine and fresh air. But above all else, they need to keep water outside. Few do this better than Newport self-draining ports from Beckson Marine. Equally ideal for DIY and OEM use, they’re designed for ease of installation and built for harsh marine environments.

The Newport Self Drain Opening model comes with a molded angled ramp that promotes drainage and allows for simple through-bolting. The internal incline sits tightly against the gasket and lens, without the need for an exterior water retention ledge. This ensures there’s no water ingress when opening it after a rain. They’re best for mounting within 15° of vertical.

Beckson’s Rain Drain version is built for use on cabin sides with excessive angles. This port drains while tipped up to 45° degrees and won’t collect water. It also has easy-to-clean open ducts that resist clogging.

Newport Fixed Ports are fully sealed and designed for light only and are ideal where interior restrictions would limit the use of an opening port. They’re identical in size, shape, style, and strength to the opening ports for a seamless appearance.

Beckson Marine Newport Opening Ports start at $230, while the Fixed models start at $139. Both share the same hole and frame sizes.

Beckson Marine,
165 Holland Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605

Matching The Ideal Polisher Pad To The Task At Hand

Pro boat detailers know that letting a polisher do the hard work not only saves time but reduces aches and pains at the end of the day. They also know that choosing the right attachment pad makes a big difference in the result. Shurhold, leader in professional-grade marine detailing supplies, offers a Clean-N-Simple Tip to help DIY boat owners match the ideal pad to the task at hand.

Shurhold’s premium detailing pads fit a wide range of 6.5-inch orbital polishers, but few match their own Dual Action Polisher. Easy to use, the six-speed machine is powerful, yet virtually eliminates the possibility of burning the surface or creating swirls when working on challenging jobs.

For cleaning, nothing beats a Dual Action Scrubber Pad. Shurhold offers three stiffnesses for specific tasks. The white version is ideal for teak and other soft, delicate materials. Blue is for cleaning coarser finishes. Reserved for the most stubborn jobs, the brown model is so abrasive, it will strip bottom paint – but leave the gelcoat unharmed.

Another choice for all-purpose cleaning is one of Shurhold’s DAP Scrub Brushes. The Soft model is ideal for cleaning carpets, while the Medium version works perfectly on non-skid. To clean years of dirty grime off a boat, the Stiff brush makes light work of a back-breaking job.

When the pros need to remove oxidation from a hull, they reach for a Buff Magic Compounding Pad. Offered in a long-lasting 100% twisted wool and a lightweight foam version, both are designed to remove chalking and minor imperfections from the surface to reveal the boat’s deep, rich original color.

The Shurhold Pro Polisher Pad is ideal for applying a layer of Pro Polish or similar non-aggregate wax. To remove any leftover product, the Brite Bonnet Final Polish Pad is a lot faster and easier than using a microfiber towel and adds the final finishing touch. A video overview of the company’s line of pads is at

Shurhold’s World’s Best Dual Action Polisher costs $179.98. Dual Action Scrubber Pads and DAP Scrub Brush are $9.52 and $23.44 each, respectively. A pair of wool Buff Magic Compounding Pads is $29.56 and the foam version, $28.98. A pair of Pro Polish Pads is $29.56 and the Brite Bonnet Final Polish Pad is $14.78. Buff Magic Wool or Foam Compounding Pads are $29.56.

3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990

New Light Bar Revolutionizes Marine Lighting

At sea, there’s almost no such thing as too much light – either in intensity or spread. The new Eagle Ray Light Bar covers this with industry-first innovations that will revolutionize marine lighting. The LED fixture debuts at the Miami International Boat Show, February 14-18, booth MB3715.

The Eagle Ray Light Bar uses cutting-edge laser-driven light sources that emit natural 6,500K white light from a very small space. An innovative optic allows the beam to be adjusted from a broad 50° angle down to a super-tight 5°. Not only does this provide long-distance visibility for maximum reaction time, but it reduces light scattering back into the eyes of the user when running in fog, mist, rain and spray. The dimmable floodlights can be controlled separately. Combined, the beams and floods produce a blazing 20,000 lumens to light up the darkest night.

The power, brightness and beam angle of the Eagle Ray Light Bar are seamlessly adjusted via a simple push button switch. Because the device is Shadow-NET™ enabled, users can control the light through an NMEA 2000-enabled multifunction display or Shadow-Caster’s Light Commander PLUS.

Built in the USA for exposed marine use, the Shadow-Caster Eagle Ray Light Bar features a rugged black or white housing with an adjustable mounting base. The borosilicate glass lens is both durable and resistant to thermal shock. A backlit logo provides a modern appearance. The fixture measures 20-inches W x 2.6-inches H x 5.4-inches D.

Due to its unique electrical design specifically for remote control, the light bar is simple to install. It runs on 10-30V DC and draws a mere 18A at 12V DC. The Shadow-Caster Eagle Ray Light Bar costs $1,899 and comes with a three-year warranty.

Shadow-Caster’s pioneering technology contributed to NMEA 2000 lighting control standards and many of its products utilize this plug-and-play protocol. It has longstanding partnerships with numerous marine electronics manufacturers and OEMs for integrated lighting control solutions.

Shadow-Caster, Inc.,
2060 Calumet St., Clearwater, FL 33765
727-474 2877

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