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New Products

Marine Stereo Built To Overcome Harsh Weather

RiverPark Marine’s JBL-R3500 source unit was built from the ground up for harsh weather. The stereo receiver overcomes rain, spray and rinse downs, yet delivers the rich, immersive sound quality JBL source units are known for.

The JBL-R3500 is the first level in the WAKE series. Beyond AM/FM and weather band reception, it offers BT5.0 with ID streaming. BT5.0 provides greater control distance and faster data speeds compared to older generations of Bluetooth. With USB and aux ports, it accommodates the most popular device inputs.

The sound quality of the JBL-R3500 source unit is impressive. The built-in amplifier delivers 4×40 watts RMS @ 4 ohms with 4×55 peak @ 4 ohms. 2-ohm stable, it can power eight 4-ohm speakers wired in parallel without an additional amplifier yet has a set of pre-outs if one is desired. While it has the volume to be heard over a roaring outboard, the receiver delivers the acoustical finesse audiophiles look for in a stereo receiver.

Using the JBL-R3500 is intuitive. The rotary encoder accent ring and power button are illuminated and ergonomically situated. A 4-inch LCD monochromatic display provides the contrast needed for it to be seen in any light condition. The component can be surface mounted or installed flush although the latter is typically only seen in an OEM application. The WAKE Series JBL-R3500 from RiverPark Marine costs $269.95.

RiverPark Marine
3325 S Morgans Point Rd., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466

Chocks Protect Without Altering Clean Sheer

Chocks are workhorses, ensuring dock lines don’t place a strain on rails or stanchions or damage gelcoat. The 500-series of Flush-Mount Chocks from Accon Marine facilitate the work but retract into their base to maintain a boat’s clean sheer.

Accon Flush-Mount Chocks are made from highly polished marine-grade 316 stainless steel. Available in 4.5-inch and 6-inch sizes, for .625-inch and .75-inch lines respectively, they’re offered as a straight chock for use aft, and as a pair of angled port and starboard skene bow chocks.

Using Accon Flush-Mount Chocks couldn’t be easier. They’re simply pulled up from their base with a finger. When lines are cast off, they retract neatly back into place.

Installing Flush-Mount Chocks is simple with household tools and the included cut-out template. The 4.5-inch model has a 4.625-inch L x 1.5-inch W base that surface mounts with two #10 screws. The 6.125-inch L x 2.75-inch W base of the 6-inch version fastens with two .25-inch screws.

Suggested retail prices for Accon Marine Flush-Mount Chocks are $168.50 for a set of 4.5-inch port and starboard angled chocks (model 500) and $84.25 for the 4-inch straight stern chock (501-4). The 6-inch versions are $258.42 (model 500-6) and $129.21 (501-6). Folding models are also available.

Accon Marine
13665 Automobile Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33762

From Dull To Glowing Teak In One Step

Whether it’s a full deck or a few pieces of brightwork, few things elevate a boat from utilitarian to luxurious like teak. Exposed to the elements, however, the wood fades to a lifeless, dull grey. Teak Cleaner from Iosso Products brings back its rich, warm glow in one easy step — without resorting to harsh chemicals or too much elbow grease.

Made entirely in the USA, biodegradable Iosso Teak Cleaner removes dirt, oil, mold, mildew and algae, and their associated stains, without bleach or chlorine. It cleans the toughest of gunk but can be rinsed into waterways without concern.

Iosso Teak Cleaner is simply mixed with warm water until properly dissolved and applied to the wood. After standing for at least 10 minutes, the surface is ready to be lightly scrubbed and rinsed with clean water. After drying at least 24 hours, the teak is ready for any further application of stains or sealants.

Iosso Teak Cleaner isn’t limited to wood. It’s equally effective on synthetic decking, molded non-skid, vinyl, fabric, canvas and carpet.

A 16-oz. jar of Iosso Teak Cleaner makes four gallons of solution and costs $15.35; an 80-oz. container costing $67.80 makes 20 gallons.

Iosso Products
1485 Lively Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Clean Buffing Pads Work Better

Nothing beats an electric orbital polisher to bring the sparkle back to a boat. But as its buffing pad builds up dead gelcoat, dirt, oil, wax and compound, it becomes less effective. When this happens, take a Clean-N-Simple Tip from Shurhold – it’s time for Serious Pad Cleaner.

Made in the USA, Shurhold Serious Pad Cleaner is a unique citrus-based formula that quickly dissolves compounds, waxes and other commonly used marine products. It’s perfect for cleaning genuine and synthetic wool pads, as well as microfiber and cotton bonnets, and scrubber heads.

Serious Pad Cleaner is simple to use. With the included scoop, mix two measures of powder into two gallons of fresh water. Then, soak the pads for 15-20 minutes. As the formula works, it lifts contaminants out of the material. Using a Shurhold Pad Cleaning & Utility Brush, the remaining material can easily be scraped away and the fibers fluffed. After rinsing with fresh water, air dry the pads. A video is at

Once buffing pads are clean, Serious Pad Cleaner can also bring new life to dock lines. After soaking in the mix for 15-20 minutes, a Shurhold Flexible Cord & Rope Brush digs into the surface fibers for a deep clean. Extra solution can be used for up to one week.

A 12-oz. container of five-star-rated Shurhold Serious Pad Cleaner costs $14.98. The Pad Cleaning & Utility Brush is $6.48 and the Flexible Cord & Rope Brush runs $9.98.

Dedicated to educating boat owners, Shurhold provides key tips for boat value preservation at Inventor of the One-Handle-Does-It-All-System, Shurhold is the leading manufacturer of premium detailing supplies that help clean, polish and protect vessels.

Contact Shurhold
3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990

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