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Sacramento Marina Introduces New Manager

It is a pleasure to announce the news that Kendra Gray has been announced as the Sacramento Marina Manager. After serving the boating community through the City of Sacramento for the past 18 years, Kendra has been completely dedicated to maintaining a safe, clean, inclusive and pleasant facility for boat owners to enjoy.

Sacramento Marina Manager, Kendra Gray above the North Basin of the Marina.

While there may be challenges running a municipal marina, Kendra is always inspired by customers, staff and volunteers when working together towards a common goal. The rivers of Sacramento and the marina hold a special place in her heart. Keeping that in mind, Kendra has dedicated herself to protecting this hidden gem of a marina while ensuring that it remains a place to slow down while escaping the stresses that sometimes can build upon us all.

She would like to see the waterfront grow in an exciting and positive way. By continuing to be open to solutions and up for any task, we are confident her goals of improving and preserving the marina will come to fruition.

Located just off the river near Miller Park and Old Sacramento, Kendra can be reached at or by calling 916-808-5712. Feel free to stop by in person and wish her well.

Selene Yachts Announces New Exclusive Distributor

Selene Yachts Americas, with key participation from Wayne Goldman of Atomic Tuna Yachts embarks on a new horizon as the exclusive distributor for Selene Yachts in North America.

Sacramento Marina Manager, Kendra Gray above the North Basin of the Marina.

In a significant leap forward for the yachting community, Selene Yachts Americas, a dynamic new entity, proudly assumes the mantle as the exclusive distributor for Selene Yachts throughout North America. This transformative partnership is a testament to Selene Yachts Americas’ dedication to amplifying the yachting experience for its esteemed clientele. With Wayne Goldman, owner of Atomic Tuna Yachts and Paul Cifka playing pivotal roles, this collaboration is set to redefine the standards of yachting luxury.

Central to this collaboration is the commitment to provide an unparalleled customer experience. Selene Yachts Americas, in collaboration with Wayne Goldman of Atomic Tuna Yachts, will offer tailored trawler solutions meticulously aligned with the specific models and sizes of Selene Yachts, ensuring seamless integration and efficient transportation. The yachting community can anticipate the same exceptional quality and reliability in Selene Yachts that they are renowned for, guided by expert insights from Howard Chen, the visionary owner of Selene Yachts. This strategic alliance marks a significant stride towards simplifying the yachting journey and allowing enthusiasts to revel in the full potential of their yachts.

For more information, please contact: Wayne Goldman, President,

About Selene Yachts Americas:
Selene Yachts Americas is a pioneering entity dedicated to elevating the yachting experience. As the exclusive distributor of Selene in North America, with Wayne Goldman of Atomic Tuna Yachts and Paul Cifka as major participants, we are committed to providing tailored, innovative and reliable solutions for yachting enthusiasts. 

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