Business News – by Ty Mellott

West Coast Canvas Under New Ownership

In late September, Curt Page announced that he sold West Coast Canvas and officially joined the ranks of the retired. Rather than sell this very successful business on the open market, Curt had the idea all along that the transition would come from within.

If you have done any type of business with West Coast Canvas, you are likely to be well acquainted with the two-man partnership that has purchased the company. With that however, we are very excited to give you more insight into each partner along with a huge congratulations to both of them. When you walk through the doors of West Coast Canvas, make sure to congratulate Scott Rumple and Efrain Garay yourself.

West Coast Canvas Partners, Scott Rumple & Efrain Garay.

Scott Rumple has been with West Coast Canvas since 2005 carrying out the duties and responsibilities of project manager and the liaison between customers and the workforce tasked to complete the desired wants and needs. Scott was also very instrumental in adding recreational electronic installation to the already long list of services that West Coast Canvas offers. Management has certainly proven to be Scott’s niche where prior to coming to West Coast Canvas he ran and managed a Ducati dealership in Santa Cruz before he managed the Johnson Hicks Marine Electronics Sausalito location.

If you have had any work done at West Coast Canvas, we can bet that Efrain Garay’s hands touched it. There is not too much in the world of canvas, upholstery or fabrication that Efrain is not familiar with. Better yet, familiar and very experienced. Efrain has been working his craft in the canvas world for a total of 37 years having started as a young lad. For the past 22 years, West Coast Canvas has been his home.

The knowledge and expertise that he had prior was enough to get him the job, but he continued to learn and advance his skills while learning from some of the best in the business. Now, Efrain’s skills with canvas, carpeting, decking and cabinet fabrication are absolutely superior but it is his work with upholstery that is unmatched in his industry. Now being a business owner, we are certain his expectations of those around him will be to match or surpass the skills and work ethic he possesses.

Both Scott and Efrain wish to emphasize that the staff consists of the same hard working, dedicated and professional group of men and women as before. You, the customer can well expect the very same level in satisfaction and quality products that West Coast Canvas has been delivering since 1981.

With the dreams and aspirations of owning their own business coming to full fruition, the skillset each brings to their partnership certainly appears to be a recipe for continued success. We wish both Scott and Efrain the best of luck in their familiar but yet newest chapter. When you visit West Coast Canvas, make sure to wish them the same.