New Products – By Terry Goble

New Products

New Portable Extinguisher Stops Lithium Battery Fires

Fires resulting from lithium battery cell failure are notoriously volatile and fast evolving. Conventional fire suppressant and extinguishing agents are not designed to combat them. But now, Sea-Fire Marine offers a cost-effective lithium battery fire suppression solution with a new line of portable extinguishers through its affiliated company LiCELL™.

When a lithium battery cell fails, whether due to damage, defect, short circuit or overcharging, the heat generated transfers to neighboring cells. This causes a cascading – and potentially lethal – combustion sequence called thermal runaway.

LiCELL extinguishers use Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion (AVD), an innovative suppression agent, to encapsulate the fire source. This provides a non-flammable oxygen barrier that smothers flames while delivering a cooling effect to halt thermal runaway.

The LiCELL AVD agent is an advanced and highly refined formulation of vermiculite particles and water. It is non-toxic and environmentally safe, with no global warming potential.

LiCELL AH Series refillable handheld extinguishers have stainless-steel cylinders and are available in 1-, 2-, 6-, and 9-liter sizes. They have discharge times of 25, 50, 120 and 180 seconds, respectively, and a range of 6.5 feet.

The single-use LiCELL AA Series aerosol extinguisher comes in a convenient 0.5-liter size. Weighing only 1.25 lbs., it discharges up to 90 seconds to a range of 6.5 feet.

Sea-Fire Marine,
9351-G Philadelphia Rd.,
Baltimore, MD 21237

Gas Additive Now For Bigger Boats

Stale gasoline makes for hard starting and poor combustibility. But it’s not practical – nor recommended – to run a marine engine dry to avoid having fuel sit in a tank unused. The solution is to use LIQUI MOLY Marine Gasoline Stabilizer. Now available in a larger size for bigger boats, it keeps fuel fresh for months and provides long-term protection against fuel aging and oxidation-related problems.

Marine Gasoline Stabilizer is ideal for all two- and four-stroke marine engines, and safe for catalytic converters. The advanced formula’s unique organic content stabilizes gasoline, perfect for long-term storage situations.

An easy-to-use pour-in liquid, Marine Gasoline Stabilizer is added at a ratio of 1:200. Once poured into the tank, the engine is idled for 10 minutes. A 33.8 fl. oz. can of LIQUI MOLY Marine Gasoline Stabilizer protects up to 53 gal. of gasoline and costs $34.49. A 6.7 fl. oz. size that treats up to 18 gal. of fuel runs $14.99.

62-64 Enter Lane,
Islandia, NY 11749

New Electric Telescopic Shade Is Easy To Install

The versatile new Telescopic Shade 2500 from Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America, Inc., market leader in marine roofing solutions, is an industry-changing accessory to provide boaters relief from the sun, whether they’re relaxing in the bay or running out to the reef. Its patent-pending design focuses on easy installation on a T-top, arch or other overhead structure, where the electric-powered sunshade retracts discretely to be barely visible.

Available in fabric widths customizable up to eight feet, the Webasto Telescopic Shade 2500 is built for a marine environment. Stainless steel tubing and castings are exceptionally robust and polished to a high gloss to provide a premium appearance. The entire assembly is so well-engineered for stability, the shade can remain fully extended while the boat is underway in moderate conditions.

The Telescopic Shade 2500 features quick-drying Dickson (Glen Raven) Infinity fabric that resists fading, tears and UV rays, and is easy to clean. Standard colors are Noir black, Carbon dark gray, Gris medium gray and Pierre light gray, with additional options available. Engineered in cooperation with Webasto, it can be ordered to specific sizes. Maximum fabric dimensions are 98-inches W x 78.7-inches L; with this configuration, total measurements are 110-inches W x 140-inches L.

Installing the Telescopic Shade 2500 is accomplished in a few easy steps. The base tubes and single 12V DC drive motor with adjustable end positions are mounted to the boat’s overhead structure with the adjustable brackets. Stainless steel gas springs have an extra oil chamber for consistent fabric tension for each position while cross beams self-adjust to minimize stress on the system. The power switch and wiring harness are offered as an optional kit. This canopy can also be used in tandem with Webasto’s wide range of marine sunroofs.

Webasto Thermo & Comfort
North America, Inc.
15083 North Rd.,
Fenton, MI 48430

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