From Way Back – by Ty Mellott

From last month’s edition I was asked a few who is that questions, but not one person who inquired could figure out that it was Bill Wells as a young lad.

Even with the subtle hints given of Bill Wells, it is only known now as to the photo capturing a moment of him and his father while inspecting a friend’s Chris Craft. It was taken on the “Showboat” docks in Stockton, and had I not known it would have been a tough guess for me too. Maybe I will have to adapt the radio giveaway tactics in offering a small token to those who contact us with the correct information in the future.

Featured in March, Bill Wells as a young lad along with his father.

This month’s treasures feature a cruise-in to a friend’s house on Sandmound Slough in the late 90’s and a young man sitting at the helm of a Stephen’s V-Drive in the ‘60’s.

This aerial view above Sandmound Slough captures the comradery and friendships often brought to those in the boating community. If you notice, you can see a great deal of people on the decks of the houses, gathering and preparing the morning’s meal. No doubt, they were caught up in conversations about the day’s upcoming journey to Railroad Cut for a few days of rafting out.

An overnight stop on Sandmound Slough before continuing on to Railroad Cut.

The second photo was provided by a well-known Delta Rat who not only enjoyed the Delta and the friendships brought to him, but also sold boats of all types for brokers and dealers alike. Although this person is not in the Delta nearly as much as in the past, he is still remembered quite often. Here, he is sitting in his family’s speed boat of which pulled his brother to the title of Pacific Coast Champion in ski racing for two years. It may be hard to tell, but the location is the Stockton Ski Club if that provides a small hint.

A very enthusiastic young man at the helm of his family’s Stephen’s V-Drive.

If you know any of the details on the photos featured this month, I would certainly enjoy hearing from you. If you would like to share what you know or even send me some photos from your own collection, you can reach me at I look forward to sharing them. See you next month.