From Way Back – by Ty Mellott

Since starting this section a few months ago I am quite pleased with how many of you have chosen to interact and give up your knowledge to provide information that may otherwise be forgotten. Aside from messages and emails, I have received a few calls as well. Don’t get me wrong, I entertain the thought of speaking to anyone willing to share their time with me. However, in regards to the photos, it would really be best to email me as I will admit that I won’t remember all the info via a phone call. For those that took the time to give a guess or their opinion of the photos last month, I have decided to run them in our letters section so I won’t outrun my allotted space here. Check them out.

Making way to reach their destination.

This month I had a chance to visit with a very longtime and valued friend of mine. We always have great conversations and I enjoy seeing him any chance I can afford. I’ve even been invited to go out crabbing on his slick offshore fishing boat. One day I will make that happen. Anyway, this friend has always been in the #1 slot of speed dial numbers when it comes to gaining knowledge of the Delta. I seriously feel that he knows everything about our beloved Delta’s past, present and possibly even the future.

Can you even imagine what it must have been like back in the day?

During our latest talk, I happen to remember that he has photos that should hang in the museum of Delta History one day. For now however, I am quite happy to have them grace our pages this month.

I will not give anything away and maybe they are more obvious than I am giving you credit for, but I will give you a hint. Not all photos you may see here deal with just recreational boating.

If you know any of the details on the photos featured this month, I would certainly enjoy hearing from you. Contact me at if you would like to share what you know or even send me some photos from your own collection. I’d be happy to share them.