From Way Back – by Ty Mellott

A huge thanks again to Robert Hackl who provided info on photos published in the May ’22 issue. I received quite a few messages of confirmation, so it would appear that’s one mystery photo we can put to rest.

Do you remember the old newsprint tabloid style of Bay & Delta Yachtsman from way back?

This month, I thought I’d use a note from a reader that sent a message in regards to a Bay and Delta Yachtsman cover from the 80’s. I am sure that he will be able to explain the day as it was captured on film, but I would be curious to see if anyone else might be able to recant their memory of the day.

Thanks to Tom who wrote:


I have a cover from Yachtsman Magazine in May of 1985. I am onboard the boat Predator which is prominently visible in the photograph. I am checking to see if you have any archived copies of this cover.


Unfortunately, we do not have an actual archive copy that goes back so far but JP Salla was able to send a photo of the cover from a hardbound album of that year, 1985. I have not heard back from Tom to this point but again, I’m curious to see if anyone else can remember the day or even better yet if you were a reader and remember getting this issue way back in May of ’85.

The second photo this month comes from a very good friend. If you are a resident of the area you will probably guess the location and maybe even the year. But for the rest of you it may not be nearly quite as apparent.

Do you have a memory or info on this photo taken from way back in the mid 60’s?

If you have any recollections of the photos, please contact me as I would enjoy any conversation in regard to either. I think others would be very interested in the same.

As always if you have info you wish to give or of course any photos you would like to share with us, contact me at and I will be happy to do so.