From Way Back – by Ty Mellott

Maybe I made the February issue’s photos from the past way too easy. It would appear that way when I’ve received the correct answer from many a reader. Although quite a few responded and did so correctly, it was Delta Mayor Blair Hake that answered the quickest. Not a lot gets by him when it comes to the Delta as he continues to prove over and over.

So, with that, just in case there were those of you that had no idea, I’ve chosen to provide the other photos that Monica of Delta Marina provided to me several months ago. I hope, that for some of you these photos stir memories of a much simpler time from way back… Enjoy!

I would enjoy sharing some photos that make people really put on their thinking and memory caps… yes, that includes our Delta Mayor as well. Send me what you think will stump even the best Delta pantomath and I’d be happy to share. Contact me at if you have photos that you feel fit the bill.