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Why doesn’t the Stockton City Buckley Cove launch ramp or the Stockton police provide any education, some form of patrolling, enforcing, etc. The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Dept. has an outpost at River Point Landing, but tells us that their jurisdiction doesn’t start until the last buoy near the San Joaquin River. At times it’s a mad house of No Wake Zone violators.

Over a year ago, Jose Amenis, supervisor for the Buckley Cove launch ramp and the sheriff’s dept said they would also include Stockton police, and Dan the River Point Landing harbormaster to get together to find solutions to the madness here on Buckley Cove. Nothing has been done and our neighbors tell us no one cares because they don’t live here and nothing will ever get done about it.

We’re on an end tie and we’ve had lines break from the abuse! Abuse = disrespectful, rude, vulgar and at times violent threats by the no wake zone violaters, the harbormaster has even had a gun pulled on him and it’s outright maddening! Why isn’t there any involvement from the people who should be responsible? Thank you.

Name Withheld by Request

Dear NWBR,

There is no shortage of boorish behavior out there, seems like there is a new crop of untrained boaters. You would think that with all of us being required to have a minimum level of training now with the Boaters Card things would get better, but no such luck. Unfortunately, you are preaching to the choir with our readers I think. I feel most of us pride ourselves in obeying the laws and common sense. I would continue to contact law enforcement both Stockton police and the sheriff. Some photos would not hurt, I am sure. Things don’t seem to change until there are a few injuries or deaths. Hopefully, that won’t be the case with Buckley Cove. Stay safe!


Hello Jackie,

I picked up your book in the office at Owl Harbor. I really, really enjoyed it – I burned right through it. I think you did a terrific job, so thank you for that!

I have a question – Your description of a few guys at Owl Harbor “racing” on Thursday nights piqued my interest. I checked with Devery, but she didn’t know about it. Do you happen to know if it’s still going on? I’m on H dock too.

If you have any info I would appreciate it.

Also, I just bought a Fatty Knees dinghy from Allen Cooper. He was wearing a Singlehanded Sailing Society sweatshirt at the time. I asked him if he knew you. The sailing community is pretty small!

David Lutz

Hi David,

Thanks for the compliment. I’m pleased that you liked the book. I enjoyed the memories so much that it sort of wrote itself.

I sailed up river on June 14 this year and was on I dock for about a month. I walked over to H dock several times looking for the “racing sailors,” but never saw them. If you go over there, maybe leave a note on one of the boats. They are the same boats: a Newport 30 and a Nonsuch, all at the end nearest I dock. Very nice guys, all of them.

You bought Allen Cooper’s dinghy? What stories that little boat holds close! Allen was the race chair for the SSS, a thankless task that means you don’t get to race your own boat for the whole season.

You don’t say what type of boat you sail. Do you race down here in the Bay?


Dear Bill,

We just picked up the most recent issue of the Yachtsman and can’t thank you enough for the feature you did on our ACBS event “Runabouts on the River” at the Stockton Sailing Club.

It was very interesting, and new info to us that the sailing club was co-founded by Dick Stephens of Stephens Brothers Boat Builders.

Also, it was great to be able to read more in your column about the Classic Yacht Association and the beautiful Stephens yachts at Orchard Gables.

Thanks again for all you do and best wishes for a wonderful autumn season on the Delta.

Sylvia Leutz
ACBS/Northern California – Lake Tahoe Chapter


Thank you for the kind words! I had a great time at your event. Your boats are all beautiful. I could have spent an entire day there looking at them and talking to the caretakers. It looked like there were several hundred people there enjoying the boats. I wish you could have met Dick Stephens. He was a genius and a true gentleman and is a great part of Stockton’s history. Maybe next year you could lure Rusty Areias to bring one or two of his fabulous Stephens yachts to the show. Please keep in touch.


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