Letters – by Our Readers


Dear Bill,

We are proud to formalize the Large Boat School on the Delta, Bay and Coast. Our six captains and additional six deckhand/trainers are ready to train at a new and improved level from the attached course materials. We will train people on small vessels under 25-feet and large vessels 26- to 75-feet at a very high and task-based level. All training will be with and overseen by Senior USCG MMC Captains.

Since 2018 we have trained over 50 boat owners on large vessels, over 300 firefighter rescue boat operators and 100 small boat owners. Enclosed below you will see the following materials for the Large Boat School:

  • – Vessel Task List
  • – Vessel Safety Inspection Forms
  • – Log Sheets
  • – Emergency Procedures and SOPS
  • – Course Outline
  • – Float Plans

It is our honor to serve and train our boating community!

John Garza

PCWR Captains on Call
USCG 100 Ton MMC
State Fire Rescue Boat

Dear John,

That is great. It seems like every year there are more and more people cruising the waterways without much experience. There is nothing better than education and I have been out with you and your professional team previously. I am confident that after going through your training program skippers will have a great degree of confidence and ability.


Dear Jackie,

Thank you for including us in your past article. However, there are a few corrections! My last name is spelled Carlson, boat name is spelled Natsuko, and boat name means summer girl.

Cheers from the Finnish Archipelago.

Dear Rowena,

I apologize for misspelling your last name. And your boat’s name. And the meaning of your boat’s name.

In 2021 your husband Robb raced your other boat, S/V Nozomi, across the Pacific to a fleet win in the Singlehanded Transpacific Race from San Francisco to Hanalei Bay. That name, prominently displayed on her transom, is indelibly imprinted on his competitors’ corneas.

Believe me, your Finnish boat, her name and your own last name are duly noted. Sorry again. Looking forward to welcoming you back to the Richmond Yacht Club.

Abjectly yours,

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