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New Products

Informative Plaques For Safety – Or Just Plain Fun

Informational signage is a common sight on boats, whether used to reveal the storage locations of safety gear, label switches on service panels, or identify galleys, heads and private areas. For a durable and professional look, custom identification plaques from Bernard Engraving assure clear communication with bright, easy to read messaging.

Constructed from non-corrosive molded plastic, Bernard Engraving plaques use a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing that sticks securely to almost any clean surface for quick and easy mounting. The durable commercial grade adhesive and robust plaque exterior finish assure a long service life, even when deployed in harsh maritime environments.

A range of plaques includes standardized regulatory messaging, such as oil discharge, drug policy and injury reporting plaques, which fully conform to all relevant Coast Guard requirements. Informative plaques that neatly convey important operational and safety information are also available in both standard and customized configurations.

Just for fun and to ensure guests onboard are paying attention, a variety of official-looking informational plaques with amusing messages are also available, including a choice of standardized or fully custom phrasing. Bernard Engraving plaques come in a variety of background and text colors and sizes. MSRP varies, with Fun Plaques starting at $5.20 each.

Bernard Engraving,
P.O. Box 320034, Fairfield, CT 06825

Adapter Enables Visiting Remote Ports With Confidence

Boaters who enjoy exploring distant ports risk disappointment when their 50A vessel arrives at a remote marina that only has 30A shore power pedestals. The versatile YQ230 Intelligent Y Adapter from Hubbell Marine solves this problem. It enables full use of the boat’s onboard systems by safely powering a 50A 125/250V vessel from two 30A dockside receptacles.

Designed for long life, the Hubbell YQ230 Intelligent Y Adapter utilizes a rugged, high impact and UV-resistant housing that is environmentally sealed against humidity, fog and rain. Robust grommets provide additional protection for internal components, while integrated cord clamps guard against terminal strain.

Easy operation is assured thanks to sophisticated internal circuitry that confirms both plugs are correctly engaged in separately phased 30A outlets. A 3-pole contactor breaks both hots and neutrals to prevent any possibility of users encountering a live plug when the adapter is not engaged. A built-in safety light confirms correct connections and operation.

The adapter measures 55.5-inches L, 19.5-inches on the 50A boatside cable portion, including the plug. The two 30A cables with plugs are 26-inches L. An essential component for any cruising boater, the Hubbell YQ230 carries a suggested retail price of $895.

Hubbell Marine Electrical Products,
40 Waterview Dr., Shelton, CT 06484.

One Whiff Says It’s Time For Odor Buster

As boats are unwrapped, RVs opened and tents pulled out of storage, one whiff says it all: it’s time for Odor Buster from Iosso Products. The biodegradable formula removes the dank, musty smells associated with mold and mildew from natural and synthetic fabrics, carpets and other woven materials.

Made in the USA, Odor Buster is a unique eco-friendly formula that neutralizes and eliminates odors naturally. It has no harsh chemicals or any kind of fragrance, so it’s ideal for use around children, pets and people with chemical sensitivities.

Sprayed directly onto fabric, carpeting, cushions, awnings, PFDs, clothing and shoes, Odor Buster won’t affect the material’s color or feel. For problem odors from tobacco or frying in oil, the formula can be misted into the air while backing out of the space. Iosso Products Odor Buster is $4.95 for a 4-ounce squirt container, $19.95 for the 32-ounce spray bottle, and $64.99 for a 1-gallon jug.

Iosso Products formulates and manufactures a wide range of consumer and industrial cleaning chemicals in the USA. Its eco-friendly products are widely used by boaters, RVers, shooters, aviators, outdoorsmen and homeowners.

Iosso Products,
1485 Lively Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Toll-free 888-747-4332

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