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Great to see you between the pages of BDY. We found your book to be a great read, full of facts and humor.

If you recall my husband and I were at B&W and as we met, you took time to interview us about our life on the Delta.

If you recall we were on our honeymoon in 1967 and spent some of it at B&W and have come back every year since, raising our two daughters on the Delta and they did the same with their 6 children who now have their own boats that they keep at B&W.

A side note: you mention in your book that as you departed B&W you ran aground. If you recall we had advised you that you would and you did. We were in that power boat that offered you assistance and were laughing (with you ~ not at you) because it was only a couple of days and there you were polishing your keel in Delta sand.

Thanks for your addition to this great Mag.

Marvell and Loren French,
Second Chapter

Hello Marvell,

Yes, of course I remember you!  Thank you so much for taking the time to write!

It was hard to locate you once my book was published!! Finally, I drove over from where I live in Oakland and left the book with the manager there at B&W Resort. I hope he gave it to you? It sounds like you haven’t read it yet, because our very nice conversation is included. I remember very clearly sitting together at the picnic table with your husband, Loren. It was my first Delta interview. 

I saw Second Chapter in her slip at B&W, looking regal.

And yes, I remember that you warned me about that sandbar ahead of time. That’s why I wouldn’t admit to you that I was in the mud!!  I will be back upriver this summer and look forward to seeing you again. 

Jackie P

Hello Jackie,

As a sailor, I was really pleased to read your wide-ranging column devoted to sailing in the April issue. I’m really pleased to know that you are now on board as a Contributing Editor of the magazine. We do have something in common: a CAL 20. I dry sailed a CAL 20 at Alameda Marina for 15 years.

And by the way, I subscribed to the magazine this morning so that I won’t miss your column in future issues of the magazine.

Wishing you fair winds and following seas, in your new position at Bay & Delta Yachtsman.

Erik Blangsted
Upper Rockridge, Oakland

Hi Erik,

How very good of you to take the time to write. Thank you! The Cal 20 is a wonderful boat. Inexpensive, easy to learn on and stalwart. But now I have a condominium on the water in which I feel totally confident offshore. Plus I stay drier because of the high freeboard.

I am glad to hear that you like reading about sailing in the magazine too. The first time I sailed to Korth’s Marina I remember sitting outside at the Pirate’s Lair Cafe in 2017. Waiting for my breakfast I looked around, thought to myself, “Hmmm, Bay and Delta Yachtsman magazine. Oh well, at least it’s about boats. I’ll look through it.”

Now we both read it 😉

Jackie Philpott

Dear Jackie,

I was happy to find your guest article, entertaining and interesting, in last month’s Bay & Delta Yachtsman (March).  I believe you deserve some healthy compensation from Bill, not sure the going rates but deserving of a B+ (above average) compensation! Information was tasteful and very useful for sailors 🙂

I am a budding (sort of) single-handed sailor myself in the Bay as is my nurse friend who took me out in her Hobie Cat in Alameda/Oakland tributary. (I’m thinking a Laser next?) We had a storied debut launch and sail, not to be repeated. In other words, we have a lot to learn but a strong will to succeed on the open waters around here 🙂

I was wondering if you might take us out for a chartered sail on the Bay (as well as a lesson on the limits for safe sailing small boats with the tides and currents and all?!). I appreciate your humor.

MYC Ship Store Director

Dear Joyce,

Thank you for your very nice email!! It was very thoughtful of you to take the time to write. I really appreciate it. 

So your friend took you out on a Hobie Cat. Those Hobie Cat sailors are nuts! And they get so wet! I would be happy to take you out on my boat any time. I keep her in the Richmond Yacht Club harbor. On my way up to the Delta I have always stayed a night in Benicia Marina on the way, just because it’s so easy to walk into town. However, maybe I should stay overnight in Martinez this year? 

Let me know when you’d like to go sailing. Sure, I’ll let you drive. But it will not be anything like sailing a dinghy or a Hobie Cat. 

Jackie P

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