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New Products

Forget Drying With A Towel, There’s A Better Solution

After washing a boat, it’s important to dry it before unsightly water spots develop. Old towels and chamois cloths are a traditional method, but they’re slow, require exhaustive wringing and tend to smear the finish. The fast and easy solution is the Flexible Water Blade from Shurhold. It quickly removes droplets before they harden into stubborn mineral deposits and reduces drying time by a third or more.

Made of durable silicone, the 12-inch Flexible Water Blade molds to flat and curved surfaces. Its unique T-bar edge draws water off cleanly without leaving trails behind. Soft and flexible, it’s easy to maneuver the tool around deck hardware and fittings. The blade is set into a comfortable full-length handle that’s designed for continual use. For getting to out-of-reach areas, the Flexible Water Blade can be fitted into an adjustable adapter for use in any Shurhold handle. A video is at

The Shurhold Flexible Water Blade is also the perfect tool for drying cars, RVs and windows. It costs $26.98; the adapter is $12.98.

3119 SW 42nd Ave., Palm City, FL 34990

Premium Marine Speakers Split The Soundstage

Ideally, it’s best to keep bass sounds closer to the floor and the mid- and high-range tones elevated at ear level. While simple to accomplish in a home, not so much in a boat unless using Infinity Kappa 8” three-way convertible marine speakers from ProSpec Electronics. Ideal for use inside or out on virtually any size vessel, the award-winning design splits the musical soundstage to optimize the listening experience.

What makes the Infinity Kappa 8-inch audio solution unique is that each speaker can be installed in a standard configuration or as two separate components. The center 3.5-inch mid-tweeter is removable, ideally to mount as elevated in the boat as possible. This brings the subtle, yet clear mid and high sounds such as vocals up towards the ears. The 8-inch subwoofer is then located as low as possible to take advantage of the omnidirectional output.

With 200W RMS, 500W peak power, the speakers deliver an audiophile-level sound experience that’s second-to-none. They easily drown-out wind and engine noise without losing the acoustic finesse that Infinity is renowned for.

Beyond their incredible audio quality, Infinity Kappa 8-inch three-way convertible speakers from ProSpec Electronics deliver a visual performance. RGB lighting is built into the center mount and perimeter ring for an extraordinary light show.

Infinity Kappa 8-inch three-way convertible speakers are 9.5-inches O.D. and 3.25-inches deep and require 7-inch cutouts. The adapter ring that houses the 3.5-inch mid-tweeter uses a 4.5-inch cutout; the center unit is 5.25-inches O.D. and 2.25-inches deep.

Available from ProSpec Electronics, Infinity Kappa 8-inch three-way convertible speakers are available in white (8130MAM) and titanium (8135MAM). They retail for $449.95/pair.

ProSpec Electronics,
3325 S Morgans Point Rd., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466

Antenna Simplifies Adding Boat Internet Access

Between updating software, downloading the latest weather or sending a quick SMS message, cellular connectivity has become a common – and necessary – part of being on the water. Extremely compact and lightweight, it receives 3G/4G cellular and Wi-Fi signals up to 15 miles from shore and distributes them throughout the vessel using its integrated router.

Engineered for North American waters, a cellular plan is needed for offshore connectivity with the weBBoat 4G Lite EVO US. But with automatic APN, it’s simple to add a single SIM card from any US-based GSM carrier and connect it without any programming. The router also features LAN and WAN ports to expand its onboard adaptability.

The weBBoat 4G Lite EVO US includes a feature called satellite pass-through. With it, the antenna can automatically connect to another router, V-SAT/SAT signals or other satellite Internet connection if the 4G cellular signal is lost. Access is then passed through the LAN port so the Wi-Fi never changes.

At only 8-inches H x 5.5-inches dia., the UV-resistant radome easily fits on a coach roof, radar arch, stern pulpit or spreader, and at only 2 lbs., it’s negligible weight aloft. It has a 10/30VDC power supply with a single lead and draws a mere 500mA at 12VDC. Available from GA Communications, the weBBoat 4G Lite EVO US costs $799.

Glomex manufactures a wide range of marine connectivity and modular wireless system monitoring solutions that meet the needs of virtually any vessel. For owners venturing up to 20 miles offshore, the weBBoat 4G Plus EVO internet antenna has dual SIM card ports that make international travel easier. The weBBoat 4G PRO EVO expands on this model to add commercial-grade heavy-duty mounting hardware and upgraded construction.

GA Communications LLC,
9351 Suite I, Philadelphia Rd., Baltimore, MD 21237

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