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Hi Pat,

I have not had a chance to talk with you for quite a long time. I hope you and Leslie are doing well in these most unusual times. I keep reading your articles in Yachtsman and enjoyed your most recent article on marine electronics. I hope someday you will put all your articles into book form.

Because of “Social Distancing” I started a project to overhaul and repower my Boston Whaler ski boat. I found that all the local boat shops were busy beyond belief. One shop told me I would be number 62 in line for a new outboard motor and they could not get to me before next year.

Then a friend of mine suggested a shop out at the Rodeo Marina. The shop is D&R Marine. The shop is run by Dwayne and Rhonda with help from their mechanics Dan and Glen. The shop is a “Mom & Pop” operation with a warm friendly atmosphere. Dwayne has been working on boats for roughly 50 years and has a wealth of knowledge. He focuses primarily on small fishing boats and runabout boats.

The shop is something out of a bygone era, as is the marina. Rodeo Marina has some slips for boats, but for the most part is mud flats. You need to see it. In all my years around the Bay and Delta I had not been to the Rodeo Marina until recently. I highly recommend a visit.

Perhaps you would be interested in doing an article on restoring old boats in the time of COVID. Repowering a boat involves much more than just swapping engines. The process involves inspecting, repairing, and replacing all systems. One must also consider the impact of new systems on the value of the boat which impacts insurance.

I asked Dwayne if he had a copy of Yachtsman. He seemed not to know about the magazine. Perhaps you or Ty could make a visit and drop off some copies of the latest issue. The trip would be well worth the visit.

Anyway, stay safe and healthy and, say hi to Leslie.

John, Great hearing from you.

We are faced with the same problems. We have been nonstop on coastal deliveries all year and on the service side we are currently quoting new work at five weeks. Part availability due to the China virus continues to cause us scheduling headaches.

I like your idea on the article. Leslie recently acquired a not very well cared for Tiara 31 that she is working hard to bring back to the boat’s full potential. It has been a struggle obtaining parts, making upgrades and outfitting the boat. I am taking notes on her experience with this large endeavor especially since our project takes third place to keeping our clients’ boats in Bristol condition and ready to go.

I must admit that the closest I have been to Rodeo is dinner at the Dead Fish, one of my all-time favorite restaurants in Crockett, or riding the motorcycle to the Nantucket for that special lunch. I have no idea where Rodeo Marine is but will take the detour the next time I am going that way and have some extra time. Thanks for sharing the information and I appreciate you being a loyal Bay & Delta Yachtsman subscriber.

Best, Pat


In your August edition of Lessons Learned you used “Marine Mobile Set Identifier” vs. the correct “Maritime Mobile Service Identity” for MMSI.

Gotcha. The public is already confused so we better not add to that.

Dave N. Santa Clara Squadron or our new DBA “America’s Boating Club Silicon Valley”


Thanks for pointing out my error, I do appreciate it. Of course, I will blame it on my editor.

From the USCG Website:

Maritime Mobile Service Identities (MMSIs) are nine-digit numbers used by maritime digital selective calling (DSC), automatic identification systems (AIS) and certain other equipment to uniquely identify a ship or a coast radio station. MMSIs are regulated and managed internationally by the International Telecommunications Union in Geneva, Switzerland, just as radio call signs are regulated. The MMSI format and use is documented in Article 19 of the ITU Radio Regulations and ITU-R Recommendation M.585-6, available from the ITU.

Best, Pat

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