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New Products

Onboard Web Access Easy With Compact Antenna

While many use their time on the water to take a break from the distractions of everyday life, onboard connectivity is increasingly an important part of owning a boat. The Glomex weBBoat® 4G Lite EVO antenna from GA Communications is a simple and easy way to add high-speed 3G/4G and Wi-Fi Internet access to any vessel. It allows owners to update electronics, download weather data, send SMS messages and keep tabs on the latest viral video. And to sweeten the deal, GA Communications is offering a $100 mail-in rebate if ordered before 12/31/22; visit

The weBBoat 4G Lite EVO boasts a compact size of only 8-inches H x 5.5-inches dia. yet offers powerful connectivity. With its built-in Wi-Fi antenna and two cellular antennas, the weBBoat 4G Lite EVO can connect to any local Wi-Fi network from several hundred yards away, as well as to cellular data networks up to 15 miles offshore.

Beyond producing a Wi-Fi signal, the weBBoat 4G Lite EVO has LAN and WAN ports for connecting into an onboard network. The single SIM card slot accommodates cellular reception from any US-based GSM carrier and automatically connects the card via APN without user programming.

Easily installed, the white UV-resistant radome sits flush to the deck or spreader with the available 1-inch-14 threaded polymer ITM001 or stainless steel V9124 mounts. The antenna draws only 500mA through its single 12V DC lead. The Glomex weBBoat® 4G Lite EVO (IT1104EVO/US) from GA Communications costs $799; the ITM001 mount is $10; the V9124 is $46. The $100 rebate also applies Glomex models IT1304/US, IT1304EXT/US, IT1304PRO/US, IT1304PROEXT/US and ZB101PRO.

GA Communications LLC,
9351 Philadelphia Rd., Suite I, Baltimore, MD 21237

Tiny Smartphone Controller Fits Paddles To Steering Wheels

While on the water, most people store mobile devices in safe but relatively inaccessible spots. This makes music playback and receiving calls difficult—unless they have a JBL Click Bluetooth® wireless controller from ProSpec Electronics. Easily attached to a steering wheel, stanchion, bimini rail, wakeboard tower or paddle, it provides instant control of an Android or iOS smartphone. And with an exceptionally low price, it makes the perfect holiday gift.

Fully waterproof to IPX5 standards, the JBL Click is built for extreme conditions. The integrated silicone strap adjusts to a wide range of shapes and diameters to allow it to be mounted closest to the action, and quickly moved anytime needed. Pairing is simple, confirmed with an LED indicator. With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) reduced power consumption, the easily replaceable CR2032 battery will last 10 months.

The JBL Click has a single rotating, clickable button to control the smartphone’s play/pause, previous/next track and volume up/down functionality. If a call is received, it’s simple to decline it, or answer it then hang up when finished to get back to the music.

At a mere 1.3 oz. and about the size of a quarter, this tiny mobile accessory is unobtrusive and portable. Available from ProSpec Electronics, the JBL Click costs $49.95.

ProSpec Electronics,
3325 S Morgans Point Rd., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466

Teak’s Natural Glow Restored In One Simple Step

Teak is something that elevates a boat into something special, so it’s essential to keep it looking its best. Doing so is easy with Iosso Teak Cleaner. In one simple step, it takes dull, lifeless wood and transforms it, restoring its natural honey-golden glow.

With exposure to rain and UV rays, teak naturally weathers to a greyish color. While some prefer this look, the accompanying dirt, algae, mold and mildew can make the wood appear grimy and unappealing. Iosso Teak Cleaner is a unique biodegradable formula that doesn’t contain chlorine or bleach. Tough on stains, it cleans and brightens the wood without degrading the fibers and is safe to rinse overboard.

Unlike some back-breaking methods, Iosso Teak Cleaner is simple to use. The 16 oz. jar of concentrated powder will make four gallons of solution and can be apportioned if lesser quantities are needed. Brushed lightly onto the wood in the direction of the grain, the liquid is allowed to set for 15 minutes before rinsing. Sanding isn’t needed. When dry, the teak can be stained or coated with a sealant such as Iosso Water Repellent.

Teak Cleaner is also ideal for synthetic decking, non-skid, vinyl, and marine fabrics and carpeting. A 16 oz. jar of Iosso Teak Cleaner costs $15.35; an 80 oz. container that makes 20 gal. of solution is $67.80. Iosso Water Repellent starts at $21.49 for a 32 oz. spray bottle.

Iosso Products,
1485 Lively Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Toll-free 888-747-4332

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