New Products – By Terry Goble

New Products

Electric Telescopic Shade Provides Versatile Sun Relief

As boat buyers walk the aisles of the 2023 Miami International Boat Show, they’ll view one of the most innovative comfort solutions available: the electric-powered Telescopic Shade 2500 from Webasto. Mounted onto an overhead structure, the device is barely visible when retracted. At the push of a button, it extends up to 6.5-foot long to provide welcome relief from the sun and can be used even while underway. The sunshade makes its Miami show debut February 15-19, booth HP411.

While the Telescopic Shade 2500 is an OEM-installed option, Webasto engineered this patent-pending design to be simple for boatbuilders to easily incorporate into existing models. It doesn’t even require them to synchronize the device, only check and adjust the end positions. The sunshade’s high-gloss stainless steel tubes and marine-grade materials make this a permanent, trouble-free addition to any boat.

The Dickson (Glen Raven) Infinity fabric resists fading, tears and UV rays, and dries quickly. This premium fabric is offered in single fabric rolls for all custom width options, making the Telescopic Shade 2500 system sleeker and more robust than competing shades. This also allows an increase to the fabric tension for a more attractive and even appearance. A video is at

Webasto Thermo & Comfort
North America, Inc.
15083 North Rd., Fenton, MI 48430

Zipper And Snap Headaches Are Gone With Iosso

While few would go back to the days of outdoor fabrics with laces and buttons, zippers and snaps can be frustrating to use when they stick and jam due to dirt and corrosion. And when the material they’re attached to has shrunk due to UV exposure, it’s doubly difficult. Iosso E-Z Snap – Zipper & Snap Lubricant is the fast and simple way to get plastic and metal fasteners working smoothly.

Made in the USA, Iosso E-Z Snap – Zipper & Snap Lubricant is engineered for outdoor use. The waterproof formula won’t dissolve when exposed to rain. Unaffected by temperature, it doesn’t dissipate with heat yet remains workable in extreme cold. Non-hazardous, the product doesn’t contain solvents, silicone or Teflon. And unlike aerosol products that can stain fabric, the creamy gel only goes where it’s needed.

Using E-Z Snap – Zipper & Snap Lubricant is simple. For snaps, a small dollop is used on one side; for zippers, a dab every 8-inches. Then, the fasteners are worked until the product is evenly distributed. The result is easy and smooth operation with decreased chance of tearing the fabric or accidentally ripping the hardware off of it. Ideal for protecting new gear and renovating old, a 1.5 oz. tube of Iosso E-Z Snap – Zipper & Snap Lubricant costs $5.85.

Iosso Products,
1485 Lively Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Toll-free 888-747-4332

Web Connectivity Made Easy With Internet Device

The need for onboard web connectivity has become commonplace – for both vessel systems and passengers and crew. The Glomex weBBoat® Link IT1304 series of Internet devices from GA Communications offers scalable solutions to receive satellite, Wi-Fi and North American 3G/4G cellular signals up to 20 miles offshore.

It also boasts a priority function enabling the owner to choose which connections are made, in and which order, to reduce paid data usage expenses. Beyond Internet, the devices can send and receive SMS messages. A video is at

Built for a marine environment, weBBoat Link devices are rated IP56 but are mainly used indoors for smaller vessels that usually cannot accommodate a larger external dome antenna. They require a simple 12/24VDC power supply.

Available in North America from GA Communications, the Glomex weBBoat Link IT1304/US base model costs $849; the IT1304EXT/US extended version is $1,320. The IT1304PRO/US professional model is $1,415; the IT1304PROEXT/US extended variant costs $1,880. Extended Range models include two 23-foot coax cables. The devices come with a two-year warranty.

GA Communications LLC
9351 Philadelphia Rd., Suite I, Baltimore, MD 21237

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