New Products – By Terry Goble

New Products

Joystick Docking For Single Diesel Sterndrive

You can dock your boat the easy way with our Volvo Penta Assisted Docking system – the next generation of marine automation. It simplifies boat docking by removing the dynamics of wind and current, and improves your control for maneuvering in tight spaces, to make docking boats safe and easy in challenging conditions.

From moving in straight lines without manual compensation, to rotating around a fixed point – docking your boat is now easier than ever before.

With the joystick, you control the boat’s path and speed, while the system compensates for elements such as wind and current. Push the joystick forward and the system lays out a straight path that the boat follows. At any time, you can release the joystick and your boat will hold on a fixed position. When standing still, you can turn the joystick to rotate around a fixed position. By twisting the joystick, you can turn in small increments in any direction to improve your alignment without drifting off path. Move your boat close to the dock by tapping the joystick in small increments. Then fix your position against the dock by pushing the joystick to the side and activate the “Side Push” feature on your display. This will assist you by keeping your boat’s position against the dock.

For a whole new level of control, we now offer Assisted Docking as a retrofittable feature. Yachts powered by Volvo Penta IPS from 2012 and onwards are eligible. Owners of D6, D8 and D11 engines will also be able to enjoy an easier docking experience soon. Ask your authorized Volvo Penta dealer for details.

Helmut’s Marine Service, Inc.
619 Canal Street, San Rafael, CA 94901

With New Mirror, Seasucker Has Boaters’ Backs

Most watercraft don’t come equipped with a mirror. With the new Side Mirror Mount from SeaSucker, virtually any boat or PWC can have this important piece of safety gear without permanent installation. It’s perfect for helmsmen keeping an eye on skiers, tubers and wake surfers – and the occasional rowdy party guests.

Made in the USA, the Side Mirror Mount uses SeaSucker’s innovative Vacuum Mount technology. Unlike an industrial suction cup that loses holding power soon after it’s applied, the 4.5-inch mount holds up to 120 lbs. when installed on a clean, non-porous surface such as glass, acrylic or fiberglass – often for days.

The Side Mirror Mount is engineered to withstand constant jarring from running in chop without affecting the set angle of the 7.5-inch L x 5.75-inch W mirror. The device can be installed wherever it provides the clearest view for the helmsman, at nearly any mounting angle – something permanent solutions cannot do. And when it’s no longer needed, it removes without leaving a trace. This allows it to serve double duty on a snowmobile, UTV or RV.

The SeaSucker Side Mirror Mount is made of rugged UV-stabilized materials with stainless steel hardware. It costs $75 or $135 for two.

SeaSucker, LLC
1912 44th Ave. E, Bradenton, FL 34203

Plastic Hinges Make More Sense Than Metal

Few people think about hinges until they begin to corrode and squeak and become difficult to operate. On a boat, Plastic Hinges from Beckson Marine make more sense than metal. Available in standard single-pin Full Opening and dual-pin Offset configurations, the hardware combines a premium marine appearance with long-lasting strength and durability.

Beckson Plastic Hinges are manufactured in the USA of lightweight injection molded acetal resin with corrosion-resistant Monel® cupronickel pins. They’re so robust, they have a breaking strength of 150 lbs. To accommodate installation applications with limited space on one side, the hinge leaves are interchangeable. Black or white are standard choices, OEM custom colors can be quoted on request.

Full Opening HGAP Series Plastic Hinges spread a full 180° to allow the hardware to rest flat when closed, making them ideal for hatch covers. They’re offered in lengths of 1.75-inches, 3-inches, 4-inches and 6-inches; all are 1.5-inches wide.

Beckson Offset HGBP Series Hinges are useful for applications where two sides are of different heights or thickness. They also allow for a .75-inch setback from the edge of the door or hatch. The hinges are 1.5-inch wide and available in four lengths: 2.25-inch, 3.5-inch, 4.4375-inches and 6.4375-inches. MSRP for Beckson Marine Full Opening HGAP Series Plastic Hinges starts at $11.90/pair; Offset HGBP Series Hinges at $13/pair.

Beckson Marine
165 Holland Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605

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