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New Products

Authentic Windex Makes Small Boat Sailing Easier

Whether it has a keel or centerboard, small sailboats react quickly to slight wind shifts. That’s why savvy sailors use an authentic Windex 10 C masthead wind indicator from Windex Development AB. Engineered for boats 10-feet to 20-feet long, it delivers the instant visual cues to apparent wind direction needed to more easily sail the most efficient course.

The magic formula for the Windex 10 C lies in its 15-inch balanced vane that sits on a sapphire jewel suspension bearing. Because of the vane’s exceptionally light weight, it reacts to puffs as light as 0.2 knots. But with all this delicate accuracy, it’s been tested to overcome gusts up to 89 mph. At 1.2 oz., it won’t affect the boat’s righting moment.

Like all Windex Development indicators, the Windex 10 C has easy-to-use index tabs that adjust for the sailboat’s optimal tacking angles. Both they and the vane have bright red reflectors underneath for visibility.

Small boats often drop their masts for transporting, so Windex Development builds the Windex 10 C to withstand seasons of hard use. The high-strength 10.5-inch marine-grade aluminum mast is easy to remove from the polymer base. The device can be mounted to the top or side of the mast. An assembly and usage video is at The Windex 10 C from Windex Development AB has an MSRP of $40.

Windex Development AB,
Hamringevägen 1,
146 41 Tullinge, Sweden

Baitwell Drain Won’t Clog Or Restrict Water Flow

It’s one thing to reach in and unclog a baitwell drain screen and quite another to discover something is stuck deep within a thru-hull hose. The Baitwell Gravity Drain Assembly model G-2 from Beckson Marine prevents both scenarios. Uniquely designed, it protects against clogging without restricting water flow.

The Baitwell Gravity Drain Assembly has 72 angled holes precision-molded into its 1.563-inch dia. angled cap. Manufactured from a durable, marine-grade polymer, the 3.125-inch L fitting has a threaded nut and .5-inch barbed end for fast and easy installation in a .75-inch hole. One plastic and two rubber washers are included.

In addition to baitwells, the drain is ideal for livewells, anchor lockers, coolers and other onboard tanks. It’s also perfect for home and shop utility sinks. The suggested retail price for the Baitwell Gravity Drain Assembly model G-2 from Beckson Marine is $32.25.

Beckson Marine,
165 Holland Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605.

Quality Antenna Key To VHF Performance

The U.S. Coast Guard states that VHF is the single most important communications system to have on a boat. But among all the radio components, it’s the antenna that’s key to overall performance. Few can match the quality and capabilities of the Glomex RA1206NY 8-foot Classic VHF Antenna from GA Communications. It delivers long-range crystal-clear transmission and reception at a price that’s hard to ignore.

The Glomex RA1206NY features a durable double-layer fiberglass tube with a smooth polyurethane UV-resistant finish. Inside are solid brass elements for maximum signal strength. By using a nylon ferrule, its weight is reduced to a mere 23.63 oz. without any sacrifice to strength.

Build quality is nothing without performance – and for signal transmission, the Glomex RA1206NY likewise excels. It has a frequency range of 156/162 MHz and a gain of 6dB. Maximum input power is 100W with 50 ohm impedance. The antenna comes with 15-feet of premium-quality RG-58 coax cable and a nickel-plated PL-259 connector.

Available from GA Communications, the Glomex RA1206NY 8-foot Classic VHF Antenna comes with a limited lifetime warranty and costs $80. An optional RA134 Rail Mount installs on .875-inch to 1-inch tubing and costs $23; the RA115 Heavy Duty Ratchet Mount is $28.

GA Communications LLC,
9351 Suite I, Philadelphia Rd., Baltimore, MD 21237

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