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New Products

Clean, Quiet Propulsion Makes Lasting Boating Memories

From watersports to fishing to simply lounging, boats are at the center of many lasting memories, especially when they include exploring new waterways that are off-limits to gas and diesel-powered vessels. Clean, quiet and eco-friendly, Elco’s EP-20 electric outboard is the ideal propulsion solution for pontoons, runabouts and other small boats.

The EP-20 outboard is non-polluting. This conservation approach to boating sets Elco owners apart as actively protecting the very ecosystems they enjoy for recreation and relaxation. Plus, with bodies of water increasingly being restricted to electric-only, Elco propulsion makes sense.

With only four moving parts, the Elco EP-20 may be the perfect outboard. It’s nearly maintenance-free, needing only periodic lower gear oil and impeller changes. This makes it ultra-reliable, and Elco designed the 85-lb. EP-20 to also be a serious performer. The water-cooled brushless PMAC motor is over 90% efficient, creating 20 comparable horsepower and 390 lbs. of thrust. Powered by a 48V AGM or lithium-ion phosphate battery, it’s ready to run as soon as the boat hits the water – no warmup needed.

Elco’s innovative optional DASH Bluetooth Dashboard Display is an easy way to monitor the performance of the EP-20 electric outboard. Using a mobile device or smartwatch, it displays data such as speed, RPM and battery charge parameters.

The Elco EP-20 is available with a tiller or ready-for-remote throttle and a short 30-inch or long 33-inch shaft. It costs $5,450; with DASH, it’s $5,745.

Elco Motor Yachts
9 Front St., Lake George, NY 12845

With Webboat, Any Size Boat Can Have Web Access

Boats of all sizes are increasingly dependent on internet connectivity for system updates and troubleshooting, not to mention posting to social media while 10 miles from shore. The internally-mounted Glomex weBBoat® Link IT1304/US from GA Communications is the easy way to add Wi-Fi and 3G/4G web access to a vessel without the need for a large external radome.

When starting the IT1304/US, it automatically connects to the marina’s secure Wi-Fi and rebroadcasts the signal throughout the boat through the integrated 4G router. Not only can handheld devices connect wirelessly as they might in a home, but so will vessel systems, either via the hotspot it creates or through the LAN and WAN Ethernet ports.

After the boat leaves the harbor and loses the Wi-Fi signal, the Glomex weBBoat Link IT1304/US automatically finds a North American cellular broadcast via a SIM card and connects to the internet. During the APN switch, there is no lag, so even streaming audio and video won’t be affected.

For owners who venture far offshore or to remote coastal areas, the IT1304/US has four diversity antennas that allow it to switch to a subscribed V-SAT/SAT signal. A video is at For owners needing longer range, the device is available as the Glomex IT1304EXT/US. With two small high-gain 4G antennas, it will connect to cellular signals up to 20 miles from shore.

The Glomex weBBoat Link IT1304/US from GA Communications costs $849; the IT1304EXT/US is $1,320. Both have a two-year warranty.

GA Communications LLC
9351 Suite I, Philadelphia Rd., Baltimore, MD 21237

More Gear Than Hands To Hold It? SeaSucker’s Ready

If boat owners permanently installed hooks everywhere one was needed, there’d be little fiberglass left with all the holes they’d drill. Thankfully, there’s the new Line & Hose Hook from SeaSucker. In a matter of seconds, it temporarily mounts exactly where needed, ready to secure everything from a dock line to a shore power cable to a garden hose.

Made in the USA of durable high-density polyethylene (HDPE), the Line & Hose Hook uses the power of a 4.5-inch SeaSucker Vacuum Mount. Holding up to 120 lbs. once attached to any clean surface, it can be used topsides, below deck or even on the hull. The device has two large hooks and a center cleat; a pair of 0.5-inch utility holes add to the accessory’s functionality.

Simple to use, the Line & Hose Hook is positioned where needed and the power button pumped until the orange section disappears. If the color reappears after a couple of days, a few quick pumps recharges it. And when it’s time to move or stow the device – or even repurpose it around the house – it removes without leaving a mark. Available in white or black, the SeaSucker Line & Hose Hook is 8.5-inches L x 4.6-inches H x 6-inches D and costs $99.

SeaSucker, LLC,
1912 44th Ave. E, Bradenton, FL 34203

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