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New Products

Easily Upgrade Boat Hardware In Minutes

Many owners hesitate to upgrade their boat’s hardware because they lack the confidence or equipment to make the requisite deck cut-outs. Accon Marine offers a solution in its range of surface-mount accessories that install in minutes with just a drill and a screwdriver and feature easy snap-in and snap-out operation.

Crafted from durable 316 marine grade stainless steel for exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, the 401 Quick Release Base mounts to any horizontal or vertical surface with just two #10 stainless steel screws. Apart from eliminating deck cut-outs, this simple design affords placing exactly where needed, without regard for bulkheads or other obstacles.

To assist in raising and lowering sunshades, the Accon Quick Release Bimini Top Hinge enables rapid securing and removal of standard pin-style legs, while the Side Mount version comes in models to accept .875-inch or 1-inch tubing

To de-stress docking or raft-ups, Accon offers Quick Release Fender Hangers in .5-inch and 1-inch diameters. The rings remain secured to the fender line when not in use, eliminating repetitive tying and untying.

Helping keep beverages at hand, Accon has both Single and Double Drink Holders. Both feature an open design with sturdy 3.5-inch dia. arms and flat bottoms that don’t collect condensation.

Suggested retail prices for Accon Marine Bimini Hinges start at $36.93, Fender Hangers at $39.95 and Drink Holders at $90.70; each includes a Quick Release Base. Accon also offers tops and bases separately.

Accon Marine,
13665 Automobile Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33762

New Kits Extinguish Small Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery-powered devices are a part of everyday life, especially on a boat. So too is the reality that if their batteries fail, the extremely hot and volatile fire can’t be extinguished utilizing a common handheld marine extinguisher. Fortunately, the new LiCELL™ SK Series Fire Safety Kits from Sea-Fire Marine were engineered for this scenario. They include everything needed to quickly contain a lithium-ion battery fire that has started in a small electronic device before it gets out of control.

Self-contained SK Series Fire Safety Kits are compact and easily stowed. Upon opening the fireproof containment bag, the user has instant access to a LiCELL AVD Extinguisher, heat-resistant gloves and protective eyewear. Six simple graphic images provide instructions for use.

Using an SK Series Fire Safety Kit is simple. After donning the safety gear, the LiCELL AVD Extinguisher is shaken, aimed at the fire and completely emptied. The burning object may need to be turned over to access the source of the flames. The device is then placed inside the fireproof containment bag and sealed with the Velcro flap. The bag is rated up to 1,832° F and will withstand the pressure created by potentially exploding batteries. Smoke and gases may escape but should not ignite. Sea-Fire Marine offers a demonstration video at

The LiCELL SK Series Fire Safety Kit is available in six configurations. Ideal for mobile phones, tablets and handheld VHF radios, the Small Kit includes a 15.7-inch L x 16.3-inch W bag. It’s offered as the kit alone, or with a 500ml or 1L LiCELL extinguisher. The 27.2-inch L x 21.3-inch W Large Kit will hold bigger electronics like laptop computers and is likewise available as just the kit, or with a 1L or 2L LiCELL extinguisher. MSRPs start at $749.99 for the Small Kit and $1,299.99 for the Large Kit. More information is at

Sea-Fire Marine
9351-G Philadelphia Rd., Baltimore, MD 21237

Swap Dull Metalwork For A Brilliant Shine

Getting metalwork to gleam is an important part of any boat or RV detailing project. With Metal Polish from Iosso Products, it’s fast and easy to swap oxidation, tarnish, surface rust and water spots for a long-lasting brilliant shine.

Made in the USA, Iosso Metal Polish is perfect for use on stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. It even works on porcelain, Plexiglas, hard plastic and painted surfaces. The formula removes black marks on ceramic and heat bluing on chromed exhaust tubing. A video is at

Concentrated Metal Polish is simple to use: rub on with a soft cloth and simply buff off by hand or machine. It adds a protective coating and deep shine that lasts for months. For compliance with California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations, Iosso manufactures a USDA-certified bio-based version of Metal Polish.

A 3-oz. tube of Iosso Products Metal Polish costs $9; 1 lb. is $23; and 5 lbs. is $88. A 1-lb. container of Bio-Based Metal Polish is $25; 5 lbs. is $90.

Iosso Products formulates and manufactures a wide range of consumer and industrial cleaning chemicals. Its eco-friendly products are widely used by boaters, RVers, shooters, aviators, outdoorsmen and homeowners.

Iosso Products
1485 Lively Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

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