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New Products

Compact Courtesy Light Provides Big Illumination

Adequate illumination isn’t just a luxury while at sea, it’s an important part of staying safe. The new CL10 Courtesy Light from Shadow-Caster features up to 250 lumens of RGBW light in a unique design that provides multiple mounting possibilities. And because it’s IP67 submersible, the compact fixture can be installed above or below decks.

The CL10 Courtesy Light can brighten countless onboard areas that are a bit too dark. At only 10.12 inches x 1.01 inches x 0.63 inches, the low-profile unit easily tucks into small, out of the way spaces. A five-conductor RGBW lead makes wiring the CL10 Courtesy Light simple. Operating on 12V DC, it draws a mere 240mA for each RGBW channel.

The true white channel of the Shadow-Caster CL10 Courtesy Light is perfect for functional lighting, while red and green colors help maintain night vision. Just setting a mood is also easy. Whichever color is chosen, the even illumination is broad and without glare. The sleek modern design of the clean white lens and polished 316 stainless steel mounting covers complement almost any marine décor.

Ideal for recreational and commercial vessels alike, the CL10 Courtesy Light from Shadow-Caster comes with a three-year warranty and has an MSRP of $79.

Shadow-Caster, Inc.,
2060 Calumet St., Clearwater, FL 33765
727-474 2877

What Can’t This New Cooler Do?

With outdoor gear, versatility and longevity are key. When it comes to coolers, few offer the adaptability and lifetime warranty of the new multipurpose P60-MK Cooler from PacBak.

Built in Alaska, the P60-MK Cooler is the younger brother to the multiple award-winning P88-MK that redefined the cooler market. Like the larger version, the 60-quart model features a multi-chamber design that can simultaneously keep contents hot or cold and wet or dry. Both sides have gasketed sealing lids and beveled, self-draining bottoms.

Unique to PacBak, the P60-MK Cooler has a detachable tabletop with fold-out legs that double the cooler’s worksurface area to over four square feet. An added compartment is integrated into the lid of the main chamber. Perfect for storing utensils or PacBak’s innovative ROAM 18-V Portable Vacuum Sealer, it’s covered by a slide-out and removable cutting board.

A true 60 quarts capacity, the 26-inch x 22.75-inch x 18.75-inch P60-MK Cooler is manufactured from rugged, extra-thick polyethylene. With unrivaled insulation, it boasts remarkable ice retention – up to seven days. Removable handles help make toting around the 50 lb. cooler much easier. All hardware is stainless steel, even the bottle openers on each front corner. Available in white, sand, army green, sky blue, seafoam, coral, green camo and Alaska spring camo, the PacBak P60-MK Cooler costs $449; the ROAM Sealer is $199; and as a combo for $599.

901 Photo Ave., Anchorage, AK 99503

Multipurpose Grease Specifically For Marine Use

Many boat components, such as an outboard lower unit or folding prop, specifically require grease. But other onboard gear can benefit from it, too. High-performance LIQUI MOLY Marine Grease offers a multitude of applications above and below the waterline.

Made in Germany, LIQUI MOLY Marine Grease reduces friction and wear. Water repellent and saltwater resistant, it’s especially ideal for lubricating moving parts that are exposed to submersion or briny air. It’s also perfect below decks as a long-lasting substitute for oil when eliminating squeaky hinges and sticky drawer slides.

A high shear stability provides excellent aging properties. Cold and hot water resistant, Marine Grease offers excellent sealing properties. The formula meets the requirements of NATO Marine Specification G460 and carries DIN 51502 certification. A 250gm tube of LIQUI MOLY Marine Grease lists for $13.99; a 400gm cartridge is $19.49.

The LIQUI MOLY brand is synonymous with performance at the highest level. The company formulates and manufactures a complete range of lubricants and additives to work with virtually every marine engine built in the last 50 years. A searchable database is at

62-64 Enter Lane, Islandia, NY 11749

Two Products, One Clean Smelling Head And Cabin

Boats with marine toilets eventually smell funky – unless two products are employed: K.O. (Kills Odors) for holding tanks and C.P. (Cleans Potties) Marine Toilet Bowl and Drain Cleaner. More effective than chemical- or enzyme-based products, the eco-friendly dynamic duo from Raritan is a sure way to keep cabins and heads clean-smelling and odor-free.

Chemicals such as formaldehyde or bronopol work by killing bacteria, both the bad ones that cause odors and the good ones that suppress them. Enzymes stimulate the breakdown of waste already in the holding tank and are diluted with every flush, but aren’t effective against odor.

In contrast, Raritan K.O. uses live, odor-killing bacteria to break down and digest liquid, solid waste and paper in the holding tank. Because it emulsifies everything, pump-outs are clog-free. Four ounces of K.O. per 25 gallons of tank capacity added to the toilet and flushed does the job.

C.P. is another 100% organic and biodegradable product. The only bowl cleaner specifically designed to work with Raritan K.O., the unique formula uses another specialized strain of bacteria to turn the bowl sparkling clean. Because it doesn’t contain bleach, it won’t degrade rubber parts like bleach will. Working so well toilet brushing isn’t needed, Raritan C.P. only needs to be squirted under the bowl rim. Because it’s so powerful, it’s also ideal for use in bilges, sumps, and sink and shower drains.

A 32 oz. bottle of Raritan K.O. or C.P. costs $16. A larger one-gallon jug of K.O. is $56.

530 Orange St., Millville, NJ 08332

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