New Products – By Terry Goble

New Products

Gas-Shok Cleans Fuel Line, Boosts Horsepower

As gasoline ages, it becomes stale. This can reduce engine horsepower, diminish mileage and cause difficulty starting, especially if moisture is in the tank. Adding octane-enhancing GAS-SHOK™ Plus eliminates these problems and keeps fuel refinery fresh for 12–18 months. The premium-grade additive from USA Fuel Service is ideal for RV and two- and four-stroke marine engines running pure gas or ethanol blends.

Ethanol in gasoline tends to absorb moisture. Professional-strength GAS-SHOK Plus disperses residual water that then gets burned off as steam. It’s rated for engines running E-10 to E-85 blends.

Petroleum-based GAS-SHOK Plus doesn’t contain alcohol or acids, so it won’t damage hoses, gaskets or other components. Used regularly, it keeps the fuel system clean by preventing gum and varnish from accumulating on rings, valves and related parts. Plus, the advanced formula adds lubrication to extend the life of the fuel pump and injectors. These attributes translate into better mileage and an engine that runs as smooth as silk. A video is at

GAS-SHOK Plus is simply added to the fuel tank, one ounce per 10 gallons of gasoline. Ideal for winterizing, it has no impact on engine warranties. An 8 oz. container of GAS-SHOK Plus treats 80 gal. and costs $18.85; 32 oz. remedies 320 gal. and runs $47.20; and one gal. doses 1,280 gal of gasoline and is $139.60.

USA Fuel Service,
W 15223 Kelly Rd., Taylor, WI 54659

Bombora Expands Wanderer PFD Color Choices

The Bombora Wanderer may be the most comfortable US Coast Guard-approved Class V PFD ever designed for power, sail and paddle sports. And with six new colors and patterns to choose from, it’s likely the most stylish.

Unlike a traditional PFD, the Wanderer is designed for unrestricted upper body movement. Worn on the waist in front, it’s barely noticeable. But when needed, a pull of the activation cord inflates the device with 16.5 lbs. of buoyancy. Once deployed, the strap attached to the high-visibility flotation bag is simply slipped over the head. Rearming the PFD with a new 16gm CO2 cylinder and repacking it is fast and easy. A video is at

The Bombora Wanderer was created for adults 16 and older. With a quick-release buckle and side adjustment, it fits chest sizes from 30-inches to 46-inches. An integrated zippered pocket and D-ring attachments are perfect for securing small items like keys and ID cards.

Expanding on the Rasta, Sunrise, Sunset and Tidal Wanderer colors, Bombora’s new I’d Rather Be Cruising collection introduces patterns. The Sailing motif has white sailboats on navy, SUPing includes paddleboards on teal and Kayaking includes paddlers on bright yellow. The new Block Out collection features Renegade green/yellow/teal, Rad yellow/navy/orange and Retro orange/teal/yellow. The Bombora Wanderer PFD costs $110.

243 Oak St., Pembroke, MA 02359

Few Venture Offshore Without Glomex

Few venture offshore without a VHF radio. But no matter how strong the transceiver, reception is due in large part to the quality of the antenna. That’s why professional and recreational mariners choose the high-performance 8-foot Glomex RA1225HP VHF Antenna. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, it’s manufactured for fast, straightforward installation and years of trouble-free service.

The Glomex RA1225HP tube is built from double-thickness fiberglass with a smooth, UV-resistant polyurethane finish. Inside, spiral copper wires are inserted into brass tubes for superior performance.

Collinear-phased, the RA1225HP Antenna has a frequency range of 156/162 MHz with a gain average of 6dB, and a maximum input power of 100W with 50 ohms impedance. Vertical polarization minimizes signal reflection over water. In use, these performance details translate into clear, powerful VHF transmission and reception.

The RA1225HP comes with 25-feet of premium quality RG-8X coaxial cable. FME terminations provide for simple, quick installation. Offered by GA Communications, the exclusive Glomex distributor for the Americas, the 8-foot RA1225HP VHF Antenna costs $99.

GA Communications LLC,
9351 Philadelphia Rd., Suite I, Baltimore, MD 21237

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