New Products – By Terry Goble

New Products

Rain Shield Protexts Interiors, Keeps Boats Smelling Fresh

Whether it’s following a summer heat spell or a long winter’s storage, opening a closed-up boat can be an overwhelming olfactory experience. Port rain shields by Beckson Marine help protect boats from water ingress while allowing fresh air to freely circulate. This can mitigate interior mildew formation and the inevitable buildup of stagnant air.

Beckson offers both Internal Rain Shield and External Rain Shield/Hood models to fit a wide range of ports. Internal versions feature heat-repellent, smoked lenses and an integrated bug screen. Beckson makes single-louver styles to fit its 3-inch x 10-inch and 4-inch x 10-inch ports, while double-louvered models accommodate 4-inch x 14-inch, 5-inch x 12-inch and 7-inch x 14-inch sizes. This versatile accessory can also be adapted to fit some non-Beckson ports. Users simply remove the existing bug screen and insert the Internal Rain Shield to add sun and spray protection.

To provide additional shade, as well as keep out water, the Beckson External Rain Shield/Hood isscrewed or bonded to the exterior trim ring of an opening port, creating a 3-inch H hood that projects 2.5-inch from the surface. Four models accommodate the same port sizes as the Internal Rain Shield, plus 8-inch x 18-inch.

Beckson rain shields are an easy DIY retrofit. MSRP starts at $100 for the Internal model and $36.10 for the External/Hood.

Beckson Marine,
165 Holland Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605.

Desl-Shok Removes Water In Diesel Fuel, Boosts Cetane Levels

While cleaner burning than previous formulations, ULSD (ultra-low-sulfur diesel) fuels offer less lubricity and can increase the likelihood of water contamination up to 10%. Desl-Shok™ from USA Fuel Service is the easy way to increase fuel economy, extend component service life, and reduce hard starting and engine downtime.

Desl-Shok eliminates condensation and dissolves sludge in the fuel tank. The broad-spectrum formula cleans injectors, carburetors and fuel lines to promote a cleaner burn that, in turn, reduces carbon build-up in the motor and exhaust. It also decreases smoke and engine noise.

Regular use of Desl-Shok stabilizes and boosts cetane levels and acts as a lubricant throughout the fuel system. The unique formula contains no acids or alcohol, so it won’t harm gaskets, hoses, seals and other components. Plus, using it will not affect warranties of two- and four-stroke diesel engines.

USA Fuel Service Desl-Shok comes in three convenient sizes. The 8 oz. container treats 80 gal. of diesel fuel and costs $18.85; 32 oz. doses 320 gal. and runs $47.20; and 1 gal. treats 1,280 gal. of fuel and is $139.60.

USA Fuel Service,
W 15223 Kelly Rd., Taylor, WI 54659

New Hardware Makes Deploying A Bimini A Snap

As outdoor fabrics shrink or stretch, biminis and sunshades can be difficult to deploy. With the new 415-TB Bimini Release from Accon Marine, the top straps become adjustable for a perfectly snug fit. And when it’s time to stow the device, they pop out of the base with the slide of a button.

Unlike some marine shade solutions that require screws, pins or sewing hardware onto the webbing, the bimini-side of the two-piece 415-TB fitting installs quickly. The strap weaves through a knurled bar slide and is pulled to tighten. To use, it’s simply snapped into the base. A sliding button on the hardware makes for one-handed removal. The device accommodates webbing up to 1-inch W.

The Accon Marine 415-TB Bimini Release is built from polished 316 stainless steel. The low-profile surface-mount base installs with two #10 screws; a cutout isn’t needed. Compact, the hardware is only 3.6-inch L x 1.2-inch W x .54-inch H. It has an MSRP of $45.59. The strap fitting is available separately for $25.95 to upgrade an existing Accon Marine 415 Quick Release Hinge for Straps. It also works with any 401-Series Accon Bimini Hinge Base.

Accon Marine,
13665 Automobile Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33762

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