New Products – By Terry Goble

New Products

Easy-To-Use Tire Inflator

Lucas Oil Products, the world leader and distributor of high-performance automotive additives and lubricants, has officially introduced a new essential roadside safety product just in time for the Winter travel season. The Lucas Tire Inflator is an easy-to-use, non-flammable tire inflator and sealer for use in all passenger vehicles to quickly seal punctures and re-inflate a damaged tire.

Safe for temporary tire repair, the Lucas Tire Inflator joins a number of best-in-class Utility products currently available to motorists, including Lucas Complete Engine Treatment, Diesel Deep Clean, Engine Oil Stop Leak, Fuel Stabilizer and Heavy Duty and Pure Synthetic Engine Oil Stabilizer.

“As someone who has had their fair share of flat tires in the past, this is one of my favorite new products,” said Shane Burns, Sales Vice President, Lucas Oil Products. “Our new Tire Inflator is a necessity when it comes to quickly and easily addressing a common auto emergency and has the potential to be a true lifesaver. This serves as another great example of our commitment to developing a robust line up of problem-solving products for vehicle care and roadside safety.”

Key Benefits:

Seals and inflates flat tires for a temporary emergency repair, safe and easy to use, no tools required, works fast, tire sensor safe, non-flammable, VOC compliant in all 50 states.

The Lucas Tire Inflator, available at select retail stores, features an easy-to-use hose applicator that is perfect for emergency roadside fixes without using any tools.

Lucas Oil Corporate Communications

Rod Holders Perfect For Multipurpose Boats

Dedicated sportfish boats seem to have built-in rod holders everywhere. But for the casual angler with a pontoon, runabout, wake or multipurpose boat, Pro Series Rod Holders from SeaSucker make sense. Offered in Single-, 2- and 3-Rod versions, they install temporarily, hold impressive weights and remove without leaving a mark.

Made in the USA, all three Pro Series Rod Holders adhere to any clean, non-porous surface with a SeaSucker Vacuum Mount. Unlike common suction cups that quickly lose their grip, they have an integrated power pump that delivers maximum adherence. The Single Rod Holder has a 4.5-inch mount that holds 120 lbs., while the 2- and 3-Rod Holders have 6-inch mounts that secure an impressive 210 lbs.

SeaSucker Pro Series Rod Holders are made with rust-proof materials like sturdy HDPE and 316 stainless steel. To accommodate a long-butt spinning rod, the holders have a removable pin in the bottom of the tube; a dedicated hole on the base keeps the pin from being misplaced. The 3-Rod version has staggered holders to protect reels from bumping each other, plus slots for storing small tools. The SeaSucker Pro Series Single Rod Holder costs $75; the 2-Rod model is $115; and the 3-Rod version is $149.

SeaSucker, LLC,
1912 44th Ave E., Bradenton, FL 34203.

Camo Compass Looks Great On Any Boat, Kayak Or ATV

Whether after smallmouth, bluefish, mallard or just the perfect day outdoors, Ritchie Navigation’s TR-31 Trek compass looks great on any boat, kayak or ATV. Available in Breakup Camo and Shadow Grass finishes, it’ll guide anglers, hunters and outdoorsmen to their favorite hotspot and then back home again.

Made in the USA, the compact TR-31 Trek has a rugged bracket that mounts virtually anywhere. With a 300° range, it can install on most horizontal, vertical, angled or overhead surfaces. Built-in compensators inside the compass adjust for deviation when installing on or near metal.

The Ritchie TR-31 Trek compass has a 1.25-inch black dial with large heading letters, and degree numbers and marks. For use in low-light conditions, 12V green LED lighting is integrated into the device.

Unlike some compasses that are built for automotive use, the TR-31 Trek performs no matter the conditions, whether heavy chop or a rutted offroad path. This is due to powerful DirectiveForce magnets and the dial being set on a sapphire jewel that’s mounted on a hardened steel pivot. This combination keeps the dial turning smoothly without jarring and spinning.

The Ritchie Trek Bracket Mount Breakup Camo (TR-31B) and Shadow Grass Camo (TR-31S) compasses cost $69.99. They come with a five-year warranty and are 100% repairable.

Ritchie Navigation
243 Oak St., Pembroke, MA 02359

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