New Products – By Terry Goble

New Products

Lightweight, Wearable Safety Strobe Is Essential Gear

After falling overboard, remaining visible to rescuers is essential. Wearing a Life Light® strobe from Ritchie Navigation aids in a successful recovery. Lightweight and compact, it attaches easily to any PFD, harness, survival suit, life raft or throwable device. U.S. Coast Guard-approved and fully automatic, it activates as soon as it’s immersed. A crucial piece of safety equipment, it makes a thoughtful holiday gift.

The powerful Life Light strobe is visible for over 2.5 miles and maintains 100% brightness for 300 hours. Functional in fresh or saltwater, it requires no manual activation – an essential feature if the overboard victim is unconscious.

When the Life Light is removed from the water, it deactivates. This is ideal for use on a life raft that could be at sea for more than 12 days. The non-replaceable lithium-ion battery lasts for five years.

The Life Light (RN-Strobe) from Ritchie Navigation has a rugged, yellow housing that floats and is permanently sealed to ensure absolute corrosion resistance. Measuring 1.5-inch in dia. and weighing only a half oz., it’s ideal for any outdoor activity where emergency assistance may be needed due to injury or being lost. It comes with a lanyard and Velcro strap for a wide range of uses, including on a pet’s life vest. It has an MSRP of $24.

Contact Ritchie Navigation,
243 Oak St., Pembroke, MA 02359. 781-826-5131.

Hubbell 100-Amp Cable Sets Stand Up To Elements

Respect for safe shore power connections intensifies when 100 amps are flowing through the cable. Hubbell Marine was the first company to offer 100 amp marine-grade devices. It produces a range of quality cable sets for larger vessels that meet strict safety and longevity thresholds.

Hubbell CS Series 100 amp high-visibility yellow cable sets are available in 75-feet and 100-feet lengths. White is an option for some models. Choices include 3-, 4- and 5-wire configurations to meet specific vessel requirements. For boats with isolation transformers, Hubbell offers a version with no neutral wire. Vessels with cable winch systems can use the CW series, comprised of a male plug only and a choice of 75-feet, 100-feet or 125-feet of cord.

Specially-compounded cable and strict manufacturing quality control ensure each product accommodates a full 100 amps. Connector locking rings feature integral torque tabs for proper gasket engagement and a watertight connection. Housings are made of impact- and chemical-resistant, UV-stabilized PBT for a long product life.

Hubbell cable sets are rated to withstand temperatures up to 221˚ F and carry IP56 suitability against dust and water ingress. Industry leader Hubbell developed the standard for 100 amp pin-and-sleeve devices with the National Electric Code and the American Boat & Yacht Council.

An array of connectors, inlets and extension cords help complete a safe shore power configuration. MSRP for Hubbell Marine 100 amp cable sets starts at $5,220.

Contact Hubbell Marine
Electrical Products,
40 Waterview Dr., Shelton, CT 06484

Fisherman’s Cup Holder Does Double Duty

The Fisherman’s Cup Holder from SeaSucker might possibly be the most perfect accessory for anglers. A mini mobile tackle-rigging station, it does double-duty with a pair of cup holders for daytime hydration and evening libation. It makes a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

The Fisherman’s Cup Holder has two removable inserts for easy cleaning. The center 3.75-inch cup can be used to stow small sundry items. It has built-in knife and pliers holders, as well as 24 hook and lure holes. It measures 14-inch L x 4.5-inch W, so it fits on a gunwale without getting in the way.

The Fisherman’s Cup Holder uses SeaSucker’s innovative 4.5-inch Vacuum Mount. Once positioned where needed, a few pumps of the integrated power button adheres it to any clean, non-porous surface with 120 lbs. of holding strength. It removes just as easily without leaving a mark.

Made in the USA, the Fisherman’s Cup Holder is manufactured from UV-stabilized materials and stainless steel hardware for 24/7 use in extreme weather conditions. It costs $89. For Black Friday, SeaSucker offers it for 15% off.

SeaSucker, LLC,
1912 44th Ave E., Bradenton, FL 34203

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