New Products – by Terry Goble

With An Accon Bimini Hinge, Shade Is Seconds Away

On a hot, sunny day, a bimini top offers cooling shade and protection from harmful UV rays. But one lost screw or pin can mean the entire assembly stays in storage. With Accon Marine’s innovative 401 Quick Release Bimini Hinge, the top is ready to offer respite from the heat of the day in a matter of seconds, all without tools and fumbling for parts.

With the Accon Marine 401 hinge, the pin is installed permanently onto the bimini frame. When the top is needed, the pin simply snaps into the low-profile base that’s mounted on the boat. To remove, a touch of the quick-release button unfastens it – something that’s especially convenient at night. When not in use, its low-profile design retains the boat’s sleek shear and doesn’t create a trip hazard.

Installing an Accon Marine 401 Quick Release Bimini Hinge is simple and requires only common household tools. Because it surface mounts, cut-outs aren’t necessary. After applying painter’s tape, mark the screw holes, tap with a punch and drill the holes. Insert the #10 screws and tighten the nylon lock nuts and washers from underneath. Accon Marine offers a variety of shims to attach the 401 to all types of surfaces, angles and round pipes. A video is at

The 401 Quick Release Bimini Hinge is crafted from 316 stainless steel for long-lasting reliability and good looks. It’s available in versions for use with metal eye ends (401) or plastic (401-320), both cost $35.17.

In addition to the 401, Accon Marine manufactures a wide range of bimini hinges for virtually any application. It offers Flush Mount (402), Rail Mount (403), Round Surface Mount (404), Flush-Mounted (405), Aluminum Surface Mount Quick Release (410), Quick Release Bimini Hinge for Straps (415), and Side Mount Quick Release for .875-inch (401-7/8) and 1-inch tubing (401-1) models.

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13665 Automobile Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33762.
727/572-9202; Fax: 727/572-7621.

Step Pads Provide Sure Grip For Enhanced Safety

Wet decking can compromise passenger safety on boats, particularly when boarding or disembarking. Step-Mate® All Weather Non-Skid Step Pads from Beckson Marine help solve this problem by creating a non-slip surface. And, they have a variety of uses beyond covering decks and stairs.

Available in a choice of brown or white finishes, Beckson Step-Mate pads are made from a durable synthetic compound that will not crack or discolor. This material also won’t overheat in the sun, making it kind to barefoot traffic.

The pads are fully self-adhesive for easy installation on a wide range of surfaces, indoors or out. Measuring 12-inch L x 3-inch W and .0625-inch thick, Step-Mate All Weather Non-Skid Step Pads can be easily cut to size. This enables a custom fit in difficult spaces such as head compartments, engine rooms or transom walk-throughs. They also make terrific kick plates to protect walls or doors in high traffic areas.

Sold in pairs, Beckson Step-Mate All Weather Non-Skid Step Pads have a suggested retail price of $16.70 per pair. Custom colors and sizes are available as special orders, with minimum quantities required.

Contact Beckson Marine,
165 Holland Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605.

Beckson Drain Virtually Eliminates Clogs

Clogged drains on a boat can range from annoying to hazardous. Beckson Marine’s G-2 Baitwell Gravity Drain Assembly features a unique cone shape with 72 angled drain holes, virtually eliminating debris from obstructing a free flow.

The G-2 Baitwell Gravity Drain Assembly is ideal for a wide range of onboard applications. Aside from bait and livewells, it’s perfect for coolers, cockpits, anchor lockers or any situation where water collects.

Compact at only 1.563-inches W x 3.125-inches L, the G-2 drain is made from a rugged synthetic polymer that won’t rust. It fits standard .5-inch hosing onto a barbed fitting. Easily installed, it includes a plastic washer and threaded nut, and two rubber gaskets. MSRP for the Beckson Marine G-2 Baitwell Gravity Drain Assembly is $25.20.

Contact Beckson Marine,
165 Holland Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605.