Business News – by Ty Mellott

Pacific Boat Services Introduces New Service Manager

Ramon Mata and his staff are proud to announce that the position of Service Manager has been filled by none other than Kelvin Jackson. Although new to Pacific Boat Services in Stockton, Mr. Jackson is far from new in the business of boat repair. It was most certainly a welcomed surprise to see that Kelvin is back in his comfort zone.

Kelvin started in the marine industry back in 1987 with Harrison’s Marine and has over time, increased his knowledge of our industry to what some might call unparalleled heights. An avid Delta boater and skier, Kelvin spent much of his early adult life enjoying and appreciating the waters of the Delta. He still enjoys getting out on the water when able and has no problem expressing his affections of his experiences when asked.

Should you find yourself at the desk of the Service Manager at Pacific Boat Services, with it being your first introduction to Kelvin, you will come to know very quickly what most of us know already of Mr. Jackson. You are sure to be greeted with a smile and his outgoing personality. I believe you will be very satisfied with his knowledge, experience and more than willing attitude to assist you in all your boat repair needs. More so, and maybe even above the rest, I believe you will walk away with the feeling of having met a new friend.
We wish Kelvin Jackson the very best in this newest chapter of his marine industry existence.