Curt Page – by Bill Wells

CURT PAGE is retiring after 41 plus years of heading West Coast Canvas. I know, I know, it is hard to believe but he feels it is time to start slowing down. Don’t despair though, this iconic Delta business is being taken over by two of Curt’s employees, Scott Rumple and Efrain Garay. They each have many years of experience in canvas and interior and exterior design. I first met Curt 20 plus years ago when I was the broker and new boat sales manager at 5 Star Marina. Any time someone wanted custom canvas work, I would take it in to Curt where we had 100 percent satisfaction from our clients. I remember one time this fellow was a fisherman and wanted to be able to stand up under the canvas on an 18-foot Stingray we sold him. Curt did a great job and the boat looked like it came from the factory with the canvas.

He has been working on boats since he was 15. Originally, he was working for Delta Canvas and due to circumstances at the time he ended up opening West Coast Canvas at Tower Park Resort. He started with two employees in a 1,500 sq. foot space. At first it was just as the name implied – a canvas shop. He said people started asking about cushions, so he started making them. One thing led to another and he began installing carpets which lead to custom cabinetry and interior joiner work. Now he has added decking and entertainment electronics installation to his repertoire. Curt has been good at finding experts in the disciplines that he needed for his business. Basically, West Coast Canvas can do about anything to your boat not related to the propulsion system or involving a haul out. Now he has an 8,000-square-foot shop with 26 employees that complete different tasks like clockwork and efficiently.

Curt has always believed in hard work and great customer service. This has carried him well. As the years have passed he has done many custom jobs for famous public figures. I will let him tell you who he has done work for as I’ve never forgotten him telling me that once I heard the names he would have to kill me if I not only repeated them but more so repeated them in print. They are definitely the “A” list. As with anyone who provides great service as well as a great product, his clients continue to come back for more work and in more cases than not they recommend Curt to their friends. Makes for a lengthy client list over the years.

On Feb. 5, 2019, there was a major fire at Tower Park and Curt’s operation was totally destroyed. Tools and everything either burned or melted. A few weeks later he signed a lease at his current location on Fremont Street in Stockton. He replaced all of his equipment and expanded his operation. His Snap-on tools had a lifetime warranty so the company replaced them with no questions asked. Curt did not see it at the time following tragedy, but the move actually made West Coast Canvas stronger than it had ever been in the past. It was a good move as it put him at the center of boat sales and services in Stockton near J&H Marine and Delta Marine Yacht Center with their 60-ton Travel Lift. He has access to plenty of dock space as well as area to work on trailer boats, plus there are several quality marinas close by too. He has crews that can handle jobs all over the state including Tahoe, the Bay area, Lake Mead, you name it and the crew would be there. I am confident that Scott and Efrain will carry on the business and make it grow.

I would say he looks younger and more relaxed already, retirement does that for you. Curt has a wealth of knowledge about the Delta and its businesses; it is always a pleasure to talk with him. Of everything we spoke about involving West Coast Canvas and all things Curt, he could not stress enough as to how grateful he is for every single customer and all the thanks he wishes to express to each and every one of them.

His list is long of things that he looks to occupy his time with now that he is retired. Spending time traveling and seeing all the National Parks in the U.S. with his beautiful wife Kelli is near the top. Curt has also assured me that he will be spending more time at home here on our own Delta waterways and rivers that have at times only been the playground to his many clients.

Curt has been a friend to Bay & Delta Yachtsman for well over 30 years. We feel the same towards him and of course wish him well in every moment of this new chapter in his life. Even though retired, he is available if you need a consultant for a project. You can email him at