From Way Back – by Ty Mellott

I hope those of you who took the time to read this section, even if only to view the photos, enjoyed the little trip down memory lane that it may have offered. Of the few inquiries I did receive, there were none to offer any help or recollection to the people in the photo. However, through some digging of my own and help from a good friend and boat aficionado, Rick Davis, it was determined that the boat is a 20-foot Tahiti or Omega. Should you have any information on that photo or any others featured, please contact me as I would enjoy sharing.

The location could be anywhere in the Delta. But those clothes can only be from the 1950’s. Any ideas as to who and where?

This month’s photos were provided to me by Bill Wells. I am sure he could keep the feature supplied with photos from his archive until the end of his days. I will always welcome any he has to share, but I am looking forward to talking to others in the Bay and Delta as well in hopes to build my collection to share with you all. Behind every photo is a story and I truly enjoy hearing the details that each photo from a time past presents.

One of my favorite activities that boating provides is anchoring out with friends. The 4th of July raft outs at Mandeville are among the ones I look forward to the most. This year is no different and the first photo this month brings to mind all that I so enjoy of being on the hook with friends.

A father and son inspect a friend’s Chris Craft while on the old Showboat Restaurant docks in Stockton.

The second photo this month was also provided by Bill Wells as mentioned. Are there any ideas as to who this dashing young man might be pictured here with his father? I understand that he is rather well-known in the Delta and a friend to all he meets.

If you know any of the details on the photos I would certainly enjoy hearing from you. If you would like to share what you know of this month’s featured photos or wish to send me some photos from your own collection, you can reach me at I look forward to sharing them. See you next month.