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Hello Jackie,

I’m writing as a Bay View Boat Club member since 1984.

I used to nestle among the houseboats on Shit Creek til about 7 years ago when Chase Stadium forced my exit from SF after 43 years of residency.

Currently living aboard a Pearson Triton at a private dock on Bethel Island.

Just writing to applaud your insight into the water that surrounds us and to compliment your writing skill.

Look forward to your contributions to the Yachtsman and wish you continued success in all that you do.

Daniel Dereszynski
Hull #550
Bethel Island

Hi, Dan

Thank you very much. I learned how to sail a keelboat on a Pearson Commander at Cal Sailing Club in Berkeley. That is a wonderful boat. There is actually one for sale at the Richmond Yacht Club, and I pass it every time I go to my boat. Beautiful overhangs, nice wood (but not too much). If you still have friends over there near the Chase Center, I wonder if you could send me their way? I would like to sail over, do a story about the people who live aboard their boats there, in the midst of all those glass towers. And if getting there on my sailboat requires calling for a bridge opening? That’s okay. I learned how to do that upriver.

Thank you for reading our magazine.

Dear Bill,

Hello from Korth’s Pirates Lair Marina in Isleton on the Delta Loop! We’re just trying to get the word out that we have guest dock open and available for inexpensive rates, ($1 a foot, per night) and we have been taking more promo pictures for social media and advertising. There really isn’t a back story to the photos other than, “It Looks Like It’s Going to be a Sailing Summer in 2023!” Our Café/Restaurant is now open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 8:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.

Stefani Melcher
Korth’s Pirates Lair Marina

Hi Stefan,

I have stayed at Korth’s guest dock many times, I love it there. It is serene, and there is nothing better than breakfast at the cafe!

Sometimes I have even been with the “lawn people” watching the sunset! Yes, I think it is a sailing summer. Please say hi to Tiki Tom, Kande, Kim and the rest of the crew for me.

I will pop in to see you all in the near future.


Hello Ty,

Kim Haworth, I always enjoyed her articles and “sweetie” stories. Is she still in the area?

Frank Rodgers

Hi Frank,

I have not seen or spoken to Kim for over 3 years now. Of course, the marina where she used to keep her boat and liveaboard, has kicked every tenant out to make room for progress. Last information that I knew of was that Kim and Bob “Sweetie,” sold Dancing Dragon and are now landlubbers somewhere in the Bay. I am sure they miss the water tremendously and of course I wish them both well, no matter if they are land locked or enjoying time on open water.
Thank you for inquiring and I hope that Kimi takes notice that her fan base still lives on.


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