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Hi Bill,

It was great to see you and Sue on Opening Day. Thanks for the nice photo in this month’s publication.

There was, however, a misunderstanding. The boat we were on was not mine. It belongs to Teri Post. She is the forever commodore of the Undesirable Yacht Club (UDYC). They branched off from SJYC about 10 years ago. They are an unregistered paper club. Ha ha! They raft up together at Horseshoe Bend and Mandeville.

The boat originally belonged to Teri and her husband, Tom Post. Tom was the original forever commodore for UDYC. I met Tom many years ago at raft ups, as he was tied up next to us a couple of times. Tom was single when I met him, but one year he showed up with a pretty gal he knew from his college days. They had a sweet love story. He had always been in love with her and she didn’t know it. They soon got married and had one and a half years of happiness.  Sadly, Tom passed away from a heart attack on his first day of retirement.

Teri was then given the title. She has learned to captain her boat and grown confident at the helm. I admire her courage and determination, and we are glad to have her as a member of SJYC as well.

I thought you’d get a kick out of this story. I’ve sent a photo along of their burgee. Please take care and be well, and I hope to see you again soon. 

Patricia Atkins, GIA GG
Atkins Appraisal’s & Jewelry Services
Member, National Association of Jewelry Appraisers

Hi Patricia,

It was great to see you on Opening Day. Thank you for the correction and the very interesting story about the UDYC.  I am sorry about Teri’s husband.  I love the burgee, one of the best I have ever seen.  Well, the summer is young and I am confident our paths will cross out there again in the near future.


Captain Pat,

Thanks for the article in this month’s Yachtsman magazine!

It reminded me of the time that you came aboard Jim Sehr‘s 40-foot Sea Ray, up on Georgiana Slough, six to seven years ago, I think, to rename it from Downtown to Downton. (Darn spelling error!) You did the full ceremony, pouring the champagne in the water to invoke the four winds. I loved that and was honored to be invited to the ceremony.

When I bought my current boat, the Sandpebble, a 47-foot Gibson, I thought to change the name to Busted Flush, in honor of Travis McGee’s 52-foot houseboat. But I was persuaded not to do it by my friend, the old owner, a big Italian-American firefighter! It came with Sandpebble logo wineglasses, hand towels, T-shirts, sweatshirts and ball caps. I would have had to dispose of all of those things! I kept the name and changed my license plate to read SANDPBL!

Thanks, again, for your piece. I always read, enjoy and learn from your articles.

Dave Manske


I am happy to hear that you enjoy the magazine, and I do remember the large gathering for the renaming of Downtown. It may seem like a small change, but Jim did the right thing and renamed her properly.

As long as you are good with the name Sandpebble, I think that Poseidon will understand you not wanting to dispose of the collateral material. I think that I would do the same.

Thank you for writing and bringing back a happy memory.


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