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Hi Jackie,

A voice from the past. 

So, I saw your book about the Delta, read it and loved it. It stimulated many memories. I first went to the Delta in 1984 and returned almost every year until 2014. Brought my sons, my friend’s daughter, and finally my grandson along many times.  Unlike you I never stayed in a marina except on the way up, in either Benicia, Pittsburg or Antioch and always in Benicia on the way back.

Favorite anchorage was Potato Slough bedroom 2 off the Ding-Aling Yacht Club dock. Check it out!! Much less crowded. Also, White Slough but it’s too shallow now. Three River Reach if it’s very hot. Mandeville Cut to watch the fireworks. Go early. Wild show. Also check out the Stockton Yacht Club, a bit past the Stockton Sailing Club.

Allen Cooper
Past SSS Race Chair
P.S. Sadly selling my boat after 43 years on the Bay. 

Hi Allen!

So nice to hear from you! Remember that time Carliane and I boarded your boat like pirates in the dark? It was our first race to Drakes Bay and there we were, piddling around in complete darkness with no moon, when our flashlight lit up the name of your boat Krissy! 

Dura Mater & Krissy 

We grabbed ahold of your lifelines and banged on your cabintop: “Allen! Allen! Can we raft up with you?” I had never anchored anywhere in my life. Carliane had brought a rotisserie chicken and I had cookies. You let us in and opened a bottle of red wine. That is a fond memory of mine. Won’t you do one last Drakes Bay with us before selling your boat?


Hi Jackie,

I have enjoyed your articles in the Bay and Delta Yachtsman.  I am wondering if you would like to observe a day of racing at this year’s Lipton Cup Regatta, and hopefully do some write-up in your magazine. I would be happy to talk to you and explain what I see as the importance of this event to our Northern California yachting community.

My wife and I may be able to take one of our RYC RIBS out to squire the press around.  Jonathan Gutoff from Latitude 38 may join us for the Friday racing.  I am hoping you might be interested in going out with Anna and I on Saturday to watch the main race day – up to 7 races for the 9 clubs in this event.  This is sponsored by PICYA, the boats are supplied by the St. Francis YC, and this year’s host club is Corinthian Yacht Club.  Saturday will see the most activity and the evening social event will feature I believe a dinner at CYC, a live band, a liar’s dice tournament and a posthumous presentation from PCYA in honor of our late friend Dick Loomis (aka Mr. Fun) who was instrumental in the successful revival of this event.

Please let me know if this would be of interest to you.

Kim Desenberg

Hi Kim,

I would like to cover the Lipton Cup because it would be fun to join you and Anna on a zoom zoom boat. Okay, okay, I’ll also interview you regarding its importance of this event to our Northern California yachting community. That sounds serious. Where shall we meet Saturday morning June 18?


Hi Jackie,

I read your very interesting article about BMC. I agree with you, Cree is an amazing person and extremely knowledgeable.

My only complaint is, I am the electrical person you mentioned that Cree uses for very technical stuff, and you misspelled my name. Very sad. For the record, my name is Phil Mummah.

Again, save for that, I enjoyed your article.


Hi Phil,

I am pleased that you enjoyed the article. Once everybody at BMC agreed to chat with me it almost wrote itself. 

I have been told that you are the guy for the intricate meshing of marine electronics communications, but that spelling eluded me. I’ll ask the publisher to make the correction regarding your name. Thanks for writing.



I enjoyed your article on the Outboard Motor Shop!  I’ve been shopping there for diesel parts for my sailboat since ‘97.  I’ve been reading your mag and Lat 38 and never saw an article about that place and it certainly deserved it.  That place is so old school and the people there are great and so helpful.

1980 Cal 35, Runnin Late
Coyote Pt Marina, SF Bay

Hi David,

I’m sorry to reply so late to your very nice email about the Outboard Motor Shop. Somehow, when the Yachtsman changed servers (whatever they are!) my emails became inaccessible to me. 

Yes, I agree with you about the OMS. I’m going back soon to buy a new offshore Mustang PFD from Ian Wall who owns Star Marine Electronics, which shares the space. Why does an electronics shop sell PFDs? I don’t know, but they are a good price, so there I go.

Thank you for the missive,

Jackie Philpott

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