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Captain Pat,

Every year for the past 25 or so till we were hit with the coronavirus, our church like many others, has been getting 30 to 60 youth together, bringing power boats that we fuel up, renting houseboats, enjoying food we supply and transportation to and from the lake. All paid for by fees charged to the kids. Depending on the boat, we might have more than the 6 or 12 people on board a vessel.

Why is it ok to do that, but not examples such as Fleet Week or the Tahoe example?

So, what are the differences that make our church group ok and not the other?

Thanks for helping us be safe and legal at the same time. 

Kevin Haesche,
Pleasure Craft 4 Life


Thank you for writing, and thank you for your service to your church and the kids.

Regarding your questions about illegal charters, I am not sure that you are operating legally or possibly safely. Your questions are good questions for the Coast Guard Sector Command to answer definitively. I suggest you contact USCG Sector San Francisco Investigations Division at 510-813-9636 or email them at sfinv@uscg.mil. You might also check with your insurance company or the donated vessel’s insurer to see if you are indeed covered for this activity.

I can tell you a horror story of a person I met a few years back that was severely injured as a child at a water ski summer camp when in her early teens. She lost a foot in that accident and guess what, nobody was insured.

Be safe. Please check on the legalities, and write back so that we can all learn.


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