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New Products

Hanging Fenders Is A Thing Of The Past With Slammer

There’s no doubt: deploying, adjusting, retrieving and stowing fenders is a hassle, especially when boating alone or in dim conditions. Savvy waterfront property owners are switching to the Slammer Integrated Dock Fender. The Innovation Award-winning system from Slammer Marine installs directly onto docks and other marine structures, protecting both boats and docks. With no ropes to adjust, it’s always in the correct position to make docking a breeze.

Made in the USA, the teardrop-shaped Standard Slammer fender has a lightweight, heavy impact-absorbing, waterproof foam core covered in a removable UV- and abrasion-resistant marine-grade PVC fabric. Each mounts quickly to an HDPE polymer track installed on the dock. Unlike thin, air-filled hanging bumpers that often deflate, the premium Slammer solution is 9-inches high and 6-inches thick, offering both boat and dock maximum protection against unwanted bumps. Its durability has been proven at marinas and fuel docks for nearly 10 years.

Slammer fenders are offered in 40-inch, 80-inch and 120-inch lengths to match most installation needs; custom sizes are available. The 40-inch L x 3.625-inch H HDPE polymer track sections mount horizontally onto the dock with six stainless steel square-drive screws. Required tools are merely a power drill and level. Fender sections utilize integrated bolt ropes that slide into the track, secured with two stainless steel square-drive stopper screws. This makes removal easy for seasonal storage. A video is at

The Standard fender package includes a closed-cell foam inner core, PVC cover, track and all marine-grade stainless steel mounting hardware. The 40-inch version costs $230; the 80-inch is $460; and the 120-inch model is $690; shipping is included.

Slammer Marine,
1707 1/2 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 119, Houston, TX 77056

Anywhere Near Water Is Safer With Bombora

It’s easy to become complacent around water when paddling, fishing or simply walking near it, especially on a placid day. Cold temperatures, rip tides, currents and lack of an escape route are unseen dangers that could quickly become serious if a fall happens.

The Bombora Adventurer is easy to wear and goes on with a single quick-release buckle. Designed for users 16 years old and up, it adjusts for chest sizes from 30-inches to 56-inches. Often mistaken for a fanny pack, it’s only 19-inches L x 7-inches H x 3-inches D. The PFD has a soft, breathable neoprene-style lining for comfort in hot environments. A zippered pocket, D-ring and front attachment loop offer ample places to secure small items.

Using the Bombora Adventurer is simple: pull the yellow pull cord. It instantly inflates, providing 25 lbs. of buoyancy. The high-visibility vest with reflective tape is then slipped over the head. A manual inflation tube and whistle are strategically placed on the front of the PFD.

The Bombora Adventurer is available in two color combinations, blue and grey Quicksilver or teal and white Tidal. It costs $140.

243 Oak St., Pembroke, MA 02359

More Rods Than Hands? Seasucker Will Manage It

There never seems to be enough places to store fishing rods on a boat, whether it’s a hardcore angling platform or a family runabout serving double duty. SeaSucker found a solution with its line of no-drill Pro Series Rod Holders. Offered in Single-, 2- and 3-Rod models, they install quickly without leaving a mark and remove in an instant for convenient stowage.

Pro Series Rod Holders utilize SeaSucker’s powerful Vacuum Mounts. The Single Rod Holder has a 4.5-inch mount that secures 120 lbs., while the 2- and 3-Rod Holders have 6-inch mounts that hold an impressive 210 lbs. Unlike common suction cups that lose their grip soon after they’re applied, Pro Series Rod Holders adhere all day on any clean, non-porous surface.

The Pro Series Single Rod Holder costs $69; the 2-Rod model is $115; and the 3-Rod version is $149. SeaSucker also offers Heavy-Duty Trolling Units, specialized versions for fly rods and models for use on SUPs.

SeaSucker, LLC
1912 44th Ave E., Bradenton, FL 34203

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