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New Products

New Webasto Hepa Filters Help Clean Air Onboard

Webasto is introducing its compact, lightweight HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) H14 Filtration Systems at the International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans, Louisiana. The filtration systems, engineered to remove 99.995% of airborne infections and contaminates, including SARS/COVID-19-sized particulates, are critical in helping prevent the spread of airborne bacterial and viral organisms in confined spaces.

With a high air-exchange rate, Webasto HEPA H14 Filtration Systems are highly effective at reducing viral loads in ambient air. Self-contained and designed to complement current onboard HVAC systems, the filtration systems also feature integrated automatic filter monitoring. Easily installed, Webasto HEPA H14 Filtration Systems require a 12V power source. Integrated brackets make them easy to mount. At only 70db, they’re exceptionally quiet.

The HEPA H14 Filtration Systems comply with European Medical Device Directive CE 47/2007 and meet air filtration guidelines of the World Health Organization, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and the International Air Transport Association.

HEPA H14 Filtration System Model HFT 300 has an airflow of 175 cfm. At 24-inches L x 8-inches dia. and 6.8 lbs., it’s ideal for medium-sized spaces. It draws a mere 7.1 amps. The larger HFT 600 model moves 350 cfm of air, while drawing only 14.2 amps. Designed for larger areas, it measures 48-inches L x 8-inches dia. and weighs 12.1 lbs.

Webasto Thermo & Comfort
North America, Inc. 15083 North Rd., Fenton, MI 48430

New Packaging For E-Z Snap, Same Proven Results

Between dirt, corrosion, UV rays and fabric shrinkage, snaps, zippers and hinges on outdoor equipment often become virtually impossible to use. Iosso E-Z Snap – Zipper & Snap Lubricant is a one-step product that frees the most stubborn hardware. And now, the proven formula has updated packaging for a new look.

Made in the USA, Iosso E-Z Snap – Zipper & Snap Lubricant lubricates and reduces friction on plastic and metal fittings. It keeps zippers and snaps from locking up and tearing fabric. The waterproof formula won’t rinse away, nor dissipate in hot weather. Without solvents, silicone or Teflon, it’s perfect for anyplace extra glide is needed but oil is inappropriate, such as a drawer slide.

A small dab is applied to the hardware and worked in. While most effective with clean parts, it can be used as needed – especially if the stuck fitting is prohibiting the equipment’s use. A 1.5 oz. tube of Iosso E-Z Snap – Zipper & Snap Lubricant costs $5.80.

Iosso Products,
1485 Lively Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Toll-free 888-747-4332

Hubbell 100A Cable Sets Built For Years Of Hard Use

It’s not enough that a cordset simply supplies electricity to a boat; it needs to be overbuilt to deliver safe and reliable power. Manufactured to withstand years of hard use in extreme weather conditions, Hubbell Marine 100A, 125/250V Ship-to-Shore devices provide larger vessels with dependable connections without any sacrifice to performance.

Made from a durable impact- and chemical-resistant nylon, it’s UV-stabilized for extended exposure to the sun. A non-slip, gasketed connector locking ring with unique torque tabs secures the plug for a waterproof connection that won’t fail if knocked.

Inside the Hubbell 100A, 125/250V plug, a high-impact thermoset contact carrier is arc- and heat-resistant for maximum safety. Nickel-plated solid brass pins and sleeves provide a reliable electrical connection, even when repeatedly used in a corrosive environment.

Hubbell 100A, 125/250V cable sets are available in three-, four- and five-wire configurations. If using an isolation transformer, a model without a neutral wire is offered.

The yellow high-visibility STOW cable is rated to 221° F. UL-listed and IP56-rated, the durable cord is easy to handle, even when cold. Massive external grips protect the wiring from conductor movement and are secured with stainless steel fasteners.

Hubbell Marine 100A, 125/250V cable sets are offered in 50-foot, 75-foot and 100-foot lengths. An all-white 100-foot model and versions designed for use with a cable winch system are available. Hubbell also offers a wide range of connectors, adapters and inlets to help complete a safe shore power configuration. MSRP starts at $5,200 for the cable set.

Hubbell Marine Electrical Products,
40 Waterview Dr., Shelton, CT 06484 USA

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