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Jillian Humphreys

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Jillian Humphreys was born into the boating community as her folks were active members of the Stockton Sailing Club. Jillian’s first sail was only at 2 weeks old and was on her family boat in the Delta. She grew up going local schools and participated in Lincoln High Schools Sailing Team throughout high school until she graduated. While growing up at the Stockton Sailing Club she volunteered to teach sailing to other kids in the community through the Club’s Learn to Sail Program starting at age 10 until 15, a program that she herself went through and continued to teach until she left for college. Jillian’s parents often took her on trips to the San Francisco by boat, stopping at marinas along the way and created lifelong memories. When she was 16, Jillian was awarded the Yachtswoman of the Year at the SSC, and followed that up with Crewman of the Year in 2015. Jillian is often found boating whether it be in the Delta or the San Francisco Bay, but when she isn’t she is working in the marine industry assisting customers around the world.

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